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Friday, May 22, 2020

Simplicity 1020 Scrub Top

I never thought I would be making scrub tops, much less for Girl M.  New day=new challenge.

The reviews for the Simplicity 1020 scrub top were not great but I liked the style so I went ahead and gave the pattern a shot.  I cut out View C in a size 18 and sewed it up.  I liked that the pattern had princess seams and that the side panels were knit.  A little stretch helps makes uniforms more comfy.

Simplicity 1020 Scrub set

Simplicity 1020
I ran into a few issues with the scrub top.  First the hips were a little tight on Girl M.  I modified the top with a triangle panel at the sides and she asked to shorten the sleeve length.  They hit her almost to her elbows. 

I did like the knit neckband and it sewed in perfect.  The pockets can be a little wonky but I followed the directions and they worked out fine.  Girl M. likes this pocket style.  After all, this ended up being a wearable muslin and also goes with her red scrub pants she already had.

I used a piece of cotton fabric from my stash.  I think it was a free cut from a mystery bundle from FabricMartFabrics.com.  

Red Flame Print Simplicity 1020 Scrub Top
I surprised Girl M with a second version of the Simplicity 1020.  She could wear this one with red scrub pants or navy.  The fabric was gifted from my neighbor who passed away a few years back.  Girl M made a skirt from some of it and she said she thinks of her whenever she sees this fabric.

Floral Navy/Red Simplicity 1020 Scrub Top

Day 2 of Work

When I cut out the fabric for the back piece I ended up being 2" short.  I improvised and added a knit band to the back.  She thought it was genius and thought I did it on purpose!

Back View
Version #3 is Girl M's most favorite.  She likes the print and the fit is great too.  The fabric had been in my stash for probably 7 years so I'm happy to move it along to make room for new stuff.  I like sewing these scrub tops from woven to get rid of some older fabrics.

Simplicity 1020 Scrub Top
Girl M. asked that I not get her head in the photos since they were after work and she was tired after a 12 hour shift.  She's so sweet to let me get a quick set of photos so I can brag!

Day #3 of Work

Side View

Back View
I'm thinking of venturing to a different scrub top pattern,

Until next time................


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