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Monday, March 23, 2020

What is A Friend?

What defines a Friend?

A Friend is someone other than your family that you share close affection with.  You share kindness, sympathy, empathy, compassion, common interest, common beliefs, loyalty, and fun with them.  They can be in person or online.

I met Cheryl last year through my Blog.  It is nice to talk sewing with someone who has the same interest.  Then I found out that she travels to Florida twice a year from Canada.  I live in Florida!  Cheryl has a place an hour South of me!  OMG! Was this Friendship meant to be?!?

Cheryl and I met up in December for a long Lunch that flew by too fast!  And agreed to meet back up again in March when she returned.  Meanwhile we text back and forth numerous time during the day.  Every day!  Many times!  I always enjoy chitchatting with her and I'm happy she's patient with all my questions regarding sewing and Canadian living.  (Since I've never seen snow!)

Both Cheryl and my families gave us the third degree about meeting up with someone online.  Our kids gave us the worse case scenarios. (I think they watch too much TV drama!)  We met in a public place and realized neither one of us is a serial killer!  I think we're ok.

This year we had plans to visit the Lakeland Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, but it has been postponed until August due to the Corona virus.  Then we thought maybe we could just have Lunch and do a little Thrift shopping.  Nope, no social contact!  In the end, my Dear Friend had to leave early to return so Canada.  I was so sad!

We were able to meet up at a gas station parking lot on her way back North to Canada.  We made sure we stayed an "acceptable social distance" apart even though I wanted to hug her.

Cheryl gifted me a bag of goodies but more than that a package of TOILET PAPER!  Now that is a TRUE FRIEND!  We were down to three rolls of toilet paper and unsure when we could find more.  Friends listen and come through like that!

High priority Toilet Paper & Sewing goodies

I love this knit burnout fabric Cheryl picked up for me.  I'm trying to decide what to sew it up into.  A top?  A dress?  Decisions, decisions!

Burnout Knit Fabric

Sheer knit spots


Cheryl told me a friend made her a little pin cushion similar to this and then she made me one!  It's perfect for next to my machine and now I will think of her when I'm sewing.

Handmade pin cushion

I'm excited to read up on lingerie sewing.  Another friend, Brenda, whom I also met through my Blog & email often with, have discussed sewing "unmentionables".  I hope to learn some new techniques and sew up some "unmentionables" soon.

Reading Material

Since we are trying to stay home as much a possible Dear Hubby and I have started some outdoor projects.  Garden beds, vegetable plantings (in case of an apocalypse), getting the pool uncovered & running since Girl M. is now distant learning and just some general Spring outdoor maintenance.

I have my hummingbird feeders out and full.  I only took about 30 minutes for the birds to find the feeders.  No I have little zoomers everywhere!

Dear Hubby went back to work today from his appendectomy surgery and Girl M. is starting her homeschooling.  I'm going to do my best to keep my routine and I don't have a problem with staying home at all.  I could probably to a YouTube tutorial about it!

I do home everyone stays safe and healthy.  Happy Sewing/gardening/quartine!

Until next time...............



  1. That fabric is so pretty. But I have to say, It really is a true friend that delivers toilet tissue these days with all the hoarding going on.

  2. Would love to see a YouTube sewing video from you as you make such wonderful garments. Chatting and sewing...there are some good things to come about from this horrible virus! Stay healthy!

  3. I got the same thing from my husband about meeting a fellow sewist I met online. I assured him I would meet this person at a fabric store obviously not a place for serial killer. It turned out nice to meet up as she was in my area visiting her daughter who was attending college. We have unfortunately lost our connection and I don't see her blog or on other sewing sites.

    My sewing mojo is not up to par and forced stay in place is not the same as staying home because you want to. Take care and stay well.

    PS--the gifted items were very nice and love that gorgeous fabric. Can't wait to see what you make.