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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sure-Fit Designs-Dress Bodice Muslin


I ordered the Sure-Fit Designs Kit.  Shipping was super FAST!  I'm glad because I was excited to get started.  Good thing Girl M was home to help me measure myself.  It only took a few minutes to get going on my blueprint.

Making a blueprint of your body is real wake-up call!  I know I'm curvy, but I'm also lumpy, bumpy, sloped, swayed and bent!

Muslin #1, bodice blueprint.  Don't mind the washers, my top kept wanting to ride up.

The first draft was easy and the muslin fit surprisingly.  Only minor tuning with the fit I think.  I did a sway back adjustment and fixed the width of the bodice at the underarm and the sleeve.

 That sleeve is too tight when I lift my arm.

Third muslin is almost a great fit.  It seems that my bust is too big.  and the sleeve bicep is a little too tight.  After looking at the photos I pinched a dart at the shoulder tapering to nothing at the bust.  It brought the sleeve head up and made the sleeve hang much better.

I plan on changing from a DD dart to a D dart.  Since there is so much fabric at my apex.
The back isn't too big, but I think I need a little more room in my hip area.  I lengthened the bodice so that this version won't ride up as much.  I need to work on the hip area.............

The top is a little better and I think that I'm getting closer.

Muslin #4

Muslin #4 side view

I am really starting to hate waist darts.  I don't think they flatter my figure.  Neither does woven fabric.  I'm trying not to get discouraged.  I'm going to take a break for a few days to clear my mind.  I think I just want to sew something that fits.

5 Dress bodice muslins later I'm taking a break.  Maybe I'm overthinking all of this fitting.  Maybe my shape isn't a dress bodice type body............

I'll keep you posted on any progress.

Until next time...............



  1. I sympathize with you. I became frustrated a few years ago when i was working on my bodice muslin. I don't know how many I made and with each one the frustration increased by one million %. I walked away and did not work on the muslin for months. Later on when I looked at the pictures I realize that fit was not bad. What was I thinking?
    What I learn after taking a few classes was that some adjustments should be made on the muslin itself. For example pin out the fullness in the muslin, sew it up or cut and add extra fabric where needed sew and then take the muslin apart and use the fabric muslin to re-cut a new muslin. And it work for me. I don't know if you have tried that method. Sometimes because of the shape of our bodies, it is difficult to correct it on the paper pattern. Also, having someone to help you pin out the wrinkles and fullness is very helpful.

  2. I know it's hard to fit by yourself, but I think your muslin is looking very good. You might decide you don't like woven tops or a dress bodice, but this is good practice. I think you might be over fitting your top.

  3. I did the exact same thing. Bought the entire system 4 or 5 years back and made muslin after muslin. Finally decided that I was overthinking and over fitting and over frustrated so I tossed it in a cabinet to revisit in a month or two. Nope....still in the cabinet. I did make meticulous notes with each muslin but I can no longer decipher what I was trying to do.
    Like you, I'm curvy, lumpy, bumpy, sloped, and swayed. I am not sure about bent???? LOL But I do know that I have figured out that I do NOT like waist darts. Don't like that fitted feeling.

  4. Keep trying. Wish I had. Bought the pants kit almost two years ago. Kept making muslin after muslin--no success. Threw it back in the kit and walked away. My body is like bread dough--thick and undefined--lol. Woven fabrics are best for making slopers. You can send photos to Sure Fit for Assistance. Also they are on Facebook and Glenda does respond to posts. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SureFitDesigns

  5. You might try, in a week or two, comparing it with the bodice on the cute little woven dress that you made in the rose print. It looks like it fits nicely, and might help tweak the fit on your muslin. It's good to take a break, sometimes you get too close to things.

  6. I overthink fitting myself. I keep debating do I want to try Sure Fit or not. I have tried so many of these type systems. I like them for a while and then back to the Big 4.