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Friday, June 17, 2016

Finished Quilt In Time for a Special Birthday

Just in time for a special Birthday!  The quilter called me on Saturday, I drove 40 miles round trip to pick it up, came home and sewed the binding that I just happened to make up last week.  Finishing the quilt just in time for Dear hubby's Aunt's Birthday on Sunday!

Binding the quilt
Making a quilt makes me so nervous.  Maybe because I'm my worse critic.  So I tried to think what I enjoyed most about this quilt.
  • I like making & sewing on quilt binding
  • Making the pinwheel quilt blocks and the mason jars
That's about all that I liked........hmmmm I'm trying here!

I couldn't believe I finished it on time!

The quilter is the sweetest man.  I just gave him an open pass, to do what design and color he thought looked best.  He did an awesome job!

Paw print quilting in orange

Finished quilt

The quilt made her cry.............she's not an emotional person.  I'm a sympathy cryer.  She was overwhelmed.  I brought her huge Publix bakery cupcakes.

She did love the quilt.  I think that it holds a special place in her heart.

I do hope that there is not another in my future anytime soon.  I'm ready to sew for me!

Until next time....................


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  1. It turned out really cute and it's great that she loves it so much.