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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chivalry Isn't Dead!


Dear Hubby and I have aged 20 years over this past week.  Our dear, sweet daughter who is only 14 and we knew boys were in her future, just not yet, let us know that the time is here.

This past week while we were at her softball practice we see a young man who we noticed approaching us from across the fields was dressed ALOT like my Dear hubby himself.  (Shorts, white socks, that the kids nag him about, polo shirt buttoned all the way to the top),  He was my husband's Mini Me! The young man approached Dear Hubby and I as we are sitting on the bleachers and introduced himself as A.J. and asked for permission to TALK to Dear Daughter.

You could have heard a pin drop on those bleachers!

Dear hubby waited a few seconds (it felt like hours) and shook the boys hand and just commented "As long as you behave."

The young man made polite conversation with us over the next hour, showing us pictures on his phone of his truck motor he & his Dad rebuilt, telling us he's a linebacker with the Varsity football team and that he enjoys hunting................

Even though my Dear Hubby was pretty stoic during most of the conversations, He approved of this young man.

Well I must say I am still in shock of it all!

This young man had the manners to ask for permission before he even talked to her and spent time with us before he even met her in person.  I am just in awe!

And this young man brought her a small gift when he introduced himself to her.  Gummy bears and a soda.  A way to a teenagers heart!

Then to top it all off, that evening he called her to tell her he enjoyed meeting her and her parents and hopes to get to see her again soon!

Dear Daughter sent a message to A.J.earlier in the day through a cousin letting him know that her parents are "OLD FASHIONED, JESUS PEOPLE".  I'm sure there are worse things to be know as but I am proud of that title and proud that she knew she had to let him know what to expect before........before.......... anything.

 know she's only 14, and I knew this day would be coming sooner or later, we also know she will be having friends whom are boys and we can either ignore it, and hope she doesn't sneak out or lie to us about her where-a-bouts or we can be chaperones in the next couple years of her life.

Not having any other girls before her, her Dad & I don't know what we are doing but we started with setting some rules for her.  I think if we get it out in the open up front we won't have to worry about any confusion of what appropriate behavior is with a boy.
  • They have to be chaperoned at all times.  Not friends, but his parents or hers (Adults).
  • No kissing
  • Hand holding is ok
  • Side hugs are ok
  • NO public display of affection at Church (elbows may touch when sitting)
  • Must sit with us at Church (I know how whispering & giggling gets)
We are new at this and I hope we are doing the right thing.  But I will say that this young man WROTE the book on manners and how to win the heart of a young lady's parents.

I do hope my boys were/are as well mannered with someone else's daughter.  Maybe this could teach them a thing or two!

Until next time..................



  1. Wow, surprising in this day and age. She is at a tough age but if you teach her to above all else respect herself, everything else falls into place. Respect begets respect.

  2. I think it really helps when a Dad is involved. I adopted my girls as a single mom and the mating/dating issue was so different. You're doing it right--giving the rules up front. In parenting, love, common sense and boundaries are extremely important. It's ok to be known as 'old fashioned Jesus people' (lol). I get called that too -- I'm humbled that they see Jesus in me.

  3. What a fine young man, to respect your daughter and her parents so much. Thank you for sharing this-it brought tears to my eyes! You and your husband are on the right track setting the ground rules in place right from the beginning.