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Monday, June 27, 2016

Butterick 6838 Purple Floral Nightgown

I must send out a great big THANK-YOU to Beverly from bjsewmuchmore for inspiring with the Butterick 6838 pattern.
Butterick 6838 Nightgown Pattern

My usual nightgown pattern has been the Butterick 5571 but I've tired of the pattern and wanted something different.

This was just going to be a muslin from a thrift store sheet left from Dear Son's wedding.  But I'm wearing this as I type!
Purple floral nightgown

Side view

Back View

Purple Floral Nightgown
This pattern fit right out of the package.  No alterations whatsoever!  I think this may have been the first time in my entire sewing life!

I made view "B", sleeveless and mid calf length.  I could have sewn this up in an afternoon if life didn't need attention!

I am so pleased with the outcome that I MUST make another one!

Thank you again Beverly!

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  1. So pretty, even if it came from a sheet. I make nighties from stash fabric whenever I get the urge to buy one to punish myself for having so much fabric.Lol.

  2. That is so pretty! I'm glad the pattern worked for you.

    1. There's more in the works soon. Maybe I'll start my winter sewing soon.

  3. Cue Nightie, enjoy! (I must've missed a few posts - as I was wondering why were floral sheets used for a wedding?)

    1. They had a beach wedding and used sheets for guest seating. The wedding was very casual and it was a nice option since chairs were impossible to sit in the sand. But I had thrifted about 40 sheets!