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Friday, June 10, 2016

Butterick 6821 Simplicity 3893 McCall 7160 Frankenpattern Dress

******** I HAVE SEWN SOMETHING NEW!!!! *************

I've stayed away from cross over style bodices since I'm a little busty.  They always seem to gap open just when I don't need them.  But I loved the gathered shoulders on this pattern and thought I would give it a try.

I liked this vintage pattern Butterick 6821, then I noticed that the Simplicity 3893 is pretty much the same pattern.   I used the directions from both the patterns since both had great ideas.  The bodice is frankenpatterned of both Butterick 6821 and Simplicity 3893.  I used the McCall 7160 full circle skirt.

Butterick 6821

Simplicity 3893 

McCall 7160

I sewed up a quick muslin with a yard of leftover fabric.  Not making any changes to the pattern yet, I was worried it wouldn't fit me to be able to try on.  But it worked out just fine.

I love the gathers on the shoulders.
 The only change I had to make was to take a pleat out of the front.  a 1/2" pleat from the front, tapering to nothing at the side seam tightened up the crossover enough not to gap!


I love the gathers at the shoulders.

The Butterick 6821 said to gather the shoulders and sew on twill tape.  I preferred the Simplicity 3893 used two pieces of 1/4" elastic at each shoulder seam.

Shoulder gathers
 The dress went together easily.
Butterick 6821 McCall 7160

Crossover bodice
 I used fold over elastic along the front neckline.  This seemed to keep the bodice close to my body, and the crossover fit snug.

kimono style sleeve

back view

McCall 7160 Full skirt

$8.97 Dress

Frankenpattern Success! 

I don't know if I mis-cut the skirt, but I ended up having to trim 3" off the center front & center back of the skirt.  That was a hmmmmm moment but I made it work.

I just serged the hem and turned up the 3/8" and top - stitched.  It's a little shorter than I like, but it does come to my knees.

Overall I am very happy with the dress.  I'm thinking a maxi version will be in the works soon!

Are you proud of me for sewing up something new?  I'm proud of me!

Until next time....................