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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I have ruined my kids!

Today my kids MADE me take them thrift shopping to find a record player (turntable).  Of course we couldn't come home with just a record player.  This is what all we got for $50.00 today.

Thrift shop finds
 We made away with:  2 suitcases=free, 21 records=free, stereo with record player=20.00, bait holder=2.50, metal red toolbox (I don't see it in the picture)=2.50, 7 cloth napkins=1.00, 2 cassette tapes + Billy Madison VHS tape=free, 20 vintage patterns=2.00, bag of thread, ric-rac & seam bindings=3.00, vintage slide projector with extra bulb & 2 slide trays=17.00 & some fabric=2.00.

They crack me up when we go to a thrift shop and find a deal.  They know a good deal too!  I guess my thriftiness has ruined them.  I know I've taught them to stretch a dollar and make it into five. 

It's funny how most 12 yr old boys want video games and iPhone and for mom & dad to leave them alone, but not mine, he wants cassette tapes & vhs tapes and pepper plants/seeds.  I've got to be proud of him.  I have always believed that Boy F. was born in the wrong era.

Now we have to get to work putting it all away.

Boy F. gave me a great Mother's Day gift, he set up the slides I received when my Dad passed away.  So I got a slide show of my childhood.  There were pictures I never remembered.  I am glad my parents took alot of pictures of me.  I now have to try to convert 20 reels of slides over to pictures.... one day soon.

I hope to be able to finish my shirt tomorrow.  This moring I was able to put binding on the armholes and seam rip the sides.  I think I need smaller side seams to go around my ample middle.

Adding bias binding to armholes.
I am going to take more pictures in the daylight that might come out a little better. 

Until next time.....


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