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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Camping & daily life here

I'm dying to get cutting on the beautiful blue fabric for the shirt pattern.  But priorities have other things coming first.  We are packing tonight for our weekend camping trip.  Dear hubby is at school tonight so it's just me and the kiddos packing.  I should be a pro at it since we've been camping for about 10 years now.

This is where we are going. Wekiva Falls Resort in Sorrento.  I can't wait to get going.  This is one of those campgrounds that our kids never get bored.  They always have such a good time here.  I am thinking about renting canoes and paddling to the river.... we'll see.

We have a 29' bunk house travel trailer.  We call it camping in style.  Boy F. calls it "Roughing it Smoothly".  No tent here.  It has not rained in months here but as soon as I try to sleep in a tent we'll have a tropical storm!
I am a list person.  I love list.  I create list for list.  I list my list.  OK that makes me sound c-r-a-z-y!  I just think that list make it easier for me.  I have just made a list for packing for camping....

Camping checklist


______ pillows


______teddy bears

______bath towels

______swim towels




______lighter fluid

______paper towels



______aluminum foil





______coffee filters

______drink pitchers/jars

Clean up

______toilet paper

______garbage bags

______dish soap

______disposable wipes

______dish towels





_______swim suit








______bug spray

______citronella candles

______cell phones


Personal Items






______hair brush



______contact solution






______dog bed


______rabies vaccine paper 







______hot dog buns

______hot dogs



______hamburger buns

______shredded cheese

______cream cheese








Food From House

______coffee creamers


______rum/drink mix

______shish-kabob sticks


______house seasoning


______soy sauce







______pickle relish

Ok so maybe you didn't need to see the whole list.  But it's my list and now that I've blogged it and IF I loose my list, I can always get on my blog and see MY LIST... how's that?

I bought a pair of linen cropped pants from Woman Within and have finally wore them to work.  I really like them so I ordered two more pair.  I've worked a few time with making pants/capris but I just have not had much luck.  So until I order the sure-fit designs, I have to make due with these. I have this color and I ordered a white pair and a pumpkin pair! (I love orange!)

Other than that, all the chickens are doing good.  I spoil them something awful!  Boy T. will be staying home this weekend to watch over them.... no really I guess just to check in on them, he never stays home (work, girlfriend). 

On another note, dear hubby will be graduating with his Bachelors' this month!  I am so proud of him!  He's worked so hard and he's set such a wonderful example for our kids.  He's the only person in his family to graduate high school and to know that he continued on to go to college and get a degree in Criminology.  And the third amazing thing is that it is paid for!  He took a 1-3 classes a semester, and paid as he went along.  I know not many people can say that their education was paid in full!  I think that going to college is a huge sacrifice with a family both in time and financially.  But he made it work.  He doesn't owe anyone anything at the end and he worked hard to earn his degree.  I couldn't be happier for him!

P.s. Boy T. told us today he received a raise at work!  A $1.00 and hour raise!  He is going on Monday for his corrections exam to start corrections in the fall!  I'm one proud Momma!

Until next time....


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