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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pet Chicken

Girl M. loves animals.  She has tamed one of our baby chicks from Valentines' Day to be her pet chicken.  She has named him Roo.  I cannot believe that this chicken just lets her pick him up and do what ever with him.  He makes a cooing noise when Girl M. holds him.
 He also plays ball with her.... well kinda.  Last night Girl M and her brother were throwing the softball back and forth and Roo decided to try to run after it.  After about four times he gave up and went off looking for bugs but it's pretty funny to see a chicken chasing a softball in the yard!
Girl M. & Roo

Not only if my husband would agree to let me make Roo a chicken diaper so that he can come into the house.....
It is pretty cool to just pick a chicken up and look at him.  We'll look under his wings and look at his feet.  He just coos and cocks his head to the side and looks at us like we're crazy.  Funny thing is that he doesn't smell.  He has a fresh air smell, but not a musky scent like you would think. 
I hope Roo stays tame and that we have many memories together.

Roo at 2 weeks old
Roo at 5 weeks
Roo at 5 weeks
Roo at 8 weeks

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