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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Husband is an ENABLER

How's that for a title!

My sweet husband for almost 20 years knows me better than I know myself!

When it's time to get feed at the feed store, he always jokes and tells me that he'll get the feed so I don't bring home more baby chicks.  I have done well the past few weeks of not bringing any more home, then HE goes to the feedstore yesterday and brings me home a peeping box!!!

Inside the peeping box is you guessed it- BABY CHICKS!  Four little polish baby chicks. 

These are stock photos since I didn't get good pictures in my dark laundry room where all the new chick live until I can't stand the smell anymore.  I move them outside to a chick pen then onto my big pen.  But truthfully I love to hear the peeps!

This is what they will look like when they are grown.  Some people call them Top Hats, Crested or "Crazy Birds" as I've heard.  I'm not too sure which ones I have but my chicks look pretty similar to these babies.

I have one chick that seems like it's hips are dislocated or he got hurt on his way home.  Girl M. is excited that she gets to nurse a baby chick.  It gets around ok and it's eating and drinking so I think it will be just fine.

On a sewing note, I made myselft a pair of pants yesterday while Dear Husband and Boy T. went fishing, but the pants SUCKED!  So I repurpsed the fabric to make Girl M. a pair of shorts.  I used the Butterick 5022.  The shorts are coming together pretty easy and they are really cute.  I have the waistband left and the tabs at the legs to finish.  I will try to add a picture later of the finished shorts.

I hope that the fit is good and I can make Girl M. some capris too.  That girl has the worst time finding anything to fit on the bottom.  If it fits in the waist, it too big in the legs and too long, or the rise is not right.  She usually wears skirts to school. 

So for my day off work yesterday, I received four baby chicks, My husband & Son went fishing and left me alone to sew.  What a wonderful day!  I didn't even do housework or laundry or have to cook!  A pretty good day if you ask me!

Until next time....


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