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Monday, May 22, 2017

Pink & Gray

I get many inspiration ideas from Pinterest.  While looking for an idea for a dress for an upcoming wedding I found this photo.

In my stash I found these fabrics that were very similar.  So off the sewing machine I went.

ITY Knit Fabric Inspiration
A simple tank style maxi dress was first in order.  Nothing too exciting, just a simple dress to let the fabric print shine.
TNT Tank Dress

Side Slit

Side View

Neck line

ITY Knit Tank Dress

$9.00 Tank Dress
Next was a cardigan.  I chose the McCall 6444 with a little modification.  A little shorter so as not to swallow the dress.  I made this cardigan back in November 2015, I like it but it is a lot of fabric.

McCall 6444 Cardigan

Rolled hem finish

Rolled hem 

$7.20 Cardigan
I hope I can keep my sewing mojo going.  I have been on a roll!

Until next time..................



  1. Your great interpretation really inspires me. What a pretty outfit and perfect for a wedding. Hope hubby is more comfortable with his cast and his pain is easing.

    1. Thank you! A can't wait to wear the dress next month. Hubby is recovering and still adjusting to the hard cast. He only has to wear it 2-3 more weeks!

  2. I think this outfit is the best! The simple lines of the dress combo really do let that pretty floral fabric shine & the proportions of the topper are just right. Love it.

  3. How amazing you found fabric in your stash that was almost an identical match to the inspiration picture. Love the outfit! Great spring wedding ensemble.

  4. Very pretty & perfect for wearing to a wedding. And it looks like it will be so comfortable too.

  5. How funny you happened to have fabric so close to the inspiration piece. It was obviously meant to be.

  6. We have so many of the same cuts of fabric and I'm kicking myself because I only have 1 1/4 yard of it because I bought it for a nightgown!

    Gorgeous dress and so near your inspiration!

    1. We must "shop" at the same place!!!! A nightgown would be cute too. Thank you for the kind comments & stopping by my blog.

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog & for the kind comment!

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you, I can't wait to wear it June 17th! I'll try to get more pictures then.