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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Growing Out My Gray- 5 Months & Update on Hubby

Well, it's been 5 months now since my last hair color.  I can't wait to get all the yucky color cut from my hair.  I'm almost there, maybe one or two more cuts.

I am lucky that my hair grows pretty fast but I am very impatient with the transition.

Before my haircut:
5 Month Growing Out

Back View

Before hair cut

After haircut this week:

After Hair Cut
 I'm thinking that one more hair cut and all the coloring will be gone.  The cut is pretty short, it's will be perfect in about 2 weeks.

Side View

Back View

Dear Hubby went to the Orthopedic surgeon this past Friday hoping to get staples removed and a hard cast on his foot but nope another 10 days to heal since his incision is still very tender.  We did get to have a look at it.  I hope you don't have a sensitive stomach...............

Dear Hubby's Foot

X-Ray of screws & staples

First Look at Franken-foot

7 more days to heal

Dear Son went to Prom this past weekend.  He looked so handsome!  And his girlfriend is just beautiful.

2017 Prom

2017 Honor Graduate Award

He graduates with honors the end of this month.  I can't believe two kids down and one more to go!  I'm excited to see what he decides to do next.  He currently works as a mechanic/tow truck driver and goes to college and high school.  He's a busy young man.

I did get a little sewing in while caring for Dear Hubby.  Nothing too exciting, just a TNT T-shirt.  It felt good to accomplish some sewing this week.

Gray Stripe Jersey Knit TNT T-Shirt


Cap Sleeve

TNT T-Shirt 

Until next time.......................



  1. Growing out hair to natural color is challenging. I am glad I did it. You are well on your way. Congrats to your son for graduating and love the striped tee. Getting some sewing in always feels good.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. Some hair days are better than others. But I do not regret letting it go natural. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  2. Your natural color is stunning!