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Friday, May 19, 2017

Simplicity 7243 Dress for Graduation & Hubby Update

Only being able to sew a few minutes each day is very discouraging from a dedicated sewist point of view.  Taking care of Dear Hubby is a full time + over time job!  I miss being able to go into my sewing room for a few hours everyday uninterrupted.

Since sewing time is so limited I just sewed up my TNT Simplicity 7243 Princess seam sheath dress for son's graduation the end of the month.  School colors are red and black and I thought that this ponte knit fabric would be a great color choice.  Nothing too fancy, just simple and comfortable.

Simplicity 7243 Graduation Dress

Ponte Knit Dress

Side view

$7.20 Dress

I've purchased Young Living Essential Oils with a home diffuser to help go a little more "natural" in both home and health.  I thought that I would "LOVE" the oils.............well............... I will have to work on getting use to them.  I am very sensitive  to scents.  Dear Daughter loves them all and helps me with mixing them into the diffusser.  My favorite so far is peppermint and lemon for focus & energy.  I would have never mixed the two scents together but it's nice and refreshing.  Everyone raves about Purification.  Daughter LOVES it.  It's YUCKY!  Maybe if I give it a few weeks and try it again.
Essential Oils

Since the beginning of the year Dear Hubby and I have changed our way of eating to a Keto diet.  Low Carb style with high fat, med protein and low carb.  We've done really well and after 5 months I have lost 22lbs.  It's a slow loss, but I feel better and for the first time in my whole life, I am not hungry ALL the time.  No cravings, no cheating, I'm impressed!

Dear Hubby is 4 weeks post surgery now.  His foot is in pain daily.  He is not a complainer but I see his body jerk while sitting in the recliner.  The pain is sometimes so bad he has to take a pain pill.  He is so against taking pain meds since he sees daily what addiction does.  I try to tell him to take the meds so he's not in pain but he's so afraid of becoming addicted to them.

New Hard Cast

He had the staples removed and a hard cast put on.  He says it's uncomfortable.  His foot is in a different position than before and I think It will just take time.  His foot swells in the evenings and it pinches his little toe and his toes turn blue.  He does good during the day to keep it elevated but he's almost 5 weeks in and he's tired of resting.

I'm going to try to sneak some time this week in the sewing room.  I am not sure what's next on the cutting table.  Something easy.  But maybe I'll try a new pattern................maybe!

Until next time..................


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  1. The graduation dress is very pretty. Perfect use for that fabric and in the school colors, can't beat that.
    22 lbs lost is great. Slow and steady is the way to go. Kudos.
    So sorry hubby is still having such issues with the foot. I am sure he is very annoyed by now and ready to be done with it. As are you. I wish for you some good sewing therapy time this week....and next.