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Friday, May 26, 2017

Simplicity E1848 Jacket 9 Months in the Making

This post was started August 2016!

I've been looking for a jacket pattern that was unlined and suitable for either a suede or a stretch leather fabric.

After searching on Ebay I found the Simplicity E1848.  I'm not sure what the E is for but I can not find this pattern anywhere.  I think that this pattern is packaged for Wal-Mart.  But I can't find anyone who has sewn this jacket up anywhere on the World Wide Web!

Simplicity E1848

Simplicity E1848 Jacket

Simplicity E1848 

I loved that this pattern is princess seams and doesn't have a separate collar piece.  The waterfall collar is perfect for a soft leather or suede fabric.

I had to make my usual adjustments.  +.166" at bust, .25" at waist and 1.52" at hip seam allowances.  I used my knit armhole template that I keep handy so I don't have to use the sleeve pattern, I can use my sleeve template that fits me.  I'm going to make 3/4 length sleeves for this jacket.

The jacket length is only 23.25" and for my proportion fitting I need it to be 24", I lengthened the pattern pieces by .75".

I'm excited to sew this up and see how this jacket turns out.

Faux Leather Knits

2yds used: $10 Jacket

9 months later I finished this jacket.

I know I stopped sewing this in August because I was frustrated with attaching the collar to the bodice.  I almost threw it down AGAIN!

After two days of sewing and seam ripping and sewing and seam ripping again I officially HATE this pattern!  I don't know if it's the fabric or the pattern itself.  I had a tough time with the collar/waterfall.  The hem was 1-1/2".  This is way too much to ease in.  I should have just wadded it up and put it in the garbage can but the completer in me HAD to finish it.

Simplicity E1848 Faux Leather Knit Jacket
 The jacket is a little wrinkled from sitting in a basket for the past 9 months.  I lightly ironed the pieces with a press cloth over it but I was afraid I would melt it.  I may try to put in in the dryer with a damp cloth to see if I can get the wrinkles out.

Simplicity E1848-Back View

Dear hubby tried to be nice but he agreed that it looks like a garbage bag.  He said I have other patterns that look nicer.

Donate pile!

On the sentimental brighter side...........................

I bought Dear Daughter her first pair of heels.

Girl M's first High Heels

She's growing up.

She's sweet.

She'll be out of here before we know it.

She's a good girl.

She looks 7 foot tall!  Dear Hubby & I are officially the shortest ones in the family.

Until next time.................



  1. Sorry it was such a disaster for you. I've had projects like that that make me question my sanity! The pic of the pattern makes the jacket look so cute - that devil in disguise!

  2. When I first saw the pattern picture, I said 'wow, I like that'. Then when I got to your picture of how it came out I was thrown. As much as we'd like to think it was user error--that's not always true. Pattern drafting and sewing instructions can be off too.

  3. Oh NO! So glad you did complete it, but so sorry it was a disappointment. High expectations with low return is a bummer.

  4. Oh I meant to comment on DD. Pretty young lady with a lot of first's coming up. It does go fast. My DD is 28 and doing great on her own. Couldn't be prouder. And the height thing, she is 5'8" and I am 5'3". Hubby and son are both 6'. The dog is only one shorter than me.