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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Burgundy Twill Skirt

I hi-jacked the skirt pattern I made for the lady at Church.  I like that the skirt is simple, has elastic at the waist and a kick pleat in the back.  I added a zipper at the back. A simple twill burgundy skirt is a great wardrobe basic.

Burgundy Twill Skirt
I need to work where the zipper starts in the back some.  Practice makes perfect, I'll just have to make another skirt!  I love the fit and the ease to just throw on the skirt with a top and go.

Burgundy Twill Skirt-Back View
The twill fabric was purchased from fabric.com earlier this month.  The total for the skirt is $11.96 + zipper and notions totaled about $14.00.

Wardrobe picture:  Burgundy twill skirt with floral gauze top.

Burgundy Twill Skirt & Floral Gauze Knit top

Burgundy Twill Skirt & Floral Gauze Knit Top
Lulu comes in when I'm sewing to nap................


Sammi the granddog came for a visit.  She's getting so big.  Girl M. wasn't too happy I was snapping pictures!

Girl M & Sammi the Granddog
I'm off the sew something wonderful!

Until next time.........................


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