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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Sweetest Wedding!

Dear Hubby & I  were able to sneak away for a few minutes and after 10 years trying to see a sunset, we finally saw one!

Sunset at Ft. Desoto Park
The whole weekend was beautiful!  We were able to spend time together alone and with lots of "to be" family. 

Saturday was cool and breezy so we revisited the Fort.  There's not much to do, but we sat on top, overlooking the ocean and took selfies!

Ft. Desoto Sefies
Saturday night both sides of the family got together at a local pizza restaurant and had dinner, watched college football and ate some more!  We laughed because the adults (40yrs +) sat at one table and the wedding party (22yrs old and under) sat at another table.  We told the bridal party no matter how old they get they will always have to sit at the kids table!

The wedding was so sweet.  There were about 30 people and it was simple and sweet.  Our son and his bride are not the type to show public display of affection at all.  We were taking bets on what would happen for "the kiss".  But it was a sweet kiss, a little hand holding and a lot of smiles.  So sweet! 

The wedding went by so quickly it seems almost like a dream today.  Everyone chipped in to help set up the reception and it was perfect.  Since the wedding was at 8:30 in the morning the receptions food was Biscuits & Gravy, Fresh fruit, Coffee, OJ, & Lemonade, and their wedding cakes were un-iced Snickerdoodle bundt cakes.

I don't have pictures of me but my dear hubby took a few pictures during the wedding.  I must have been wiping tears!

Dear Daughter on the Right

Son on the Right

The "NEW" Mr & Mrs.

The sweetest, most simple wedding

Un-iced Snickerdoodle Bundt Wedding cakes
Dads playing Cornhole

The bride and groom treated their wedding party like royalty!  It was such a wonderful experience for both siblings.  The groom gave his party (brother and brother in law) Invecta watches &Vann shoes.  The bridal party (sister and sister in law) were given beach bags with towels, makeup and a beautiful set of earrings.  Both parties stayed at the hotel the night before the wedding, playing boardgames and eating Waffle House at 4am!  (That's what happens when everyone except the bride & groom are underage!)  The bride and groom made their day so special for everyone else.  We are so Blessed to have a wonderful family!

Now I'm crying again..........

Until next time..............