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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Valentine Chicks

For Valentine's Day my BFF gave me 8 cute baby chicks to go with my current flock!  I just love baby chicks.  They are so cute.
I am just amazed that something just hatched can make it on their own without a parent.  I had these in the house for about 3 weeks until my laundry room smelled so bad that the kids told me it's time to move them outside to the baby pen. 

Valentine chicks about 1 week old!

Valentine chicks about 1 month old!
I have 16 other chickens.  My husband just got rid of two beautiful Rhode Island Red roosters so I went and got 7 new baby chicks to replace them!!!!  I tried to take pictures of the flock but sometimes they have other things on their mind.
Rooster with no name!

Young Hen

"Naked Neck" Turken Hen
All the other chickens must have seen me following them around with the camera so they went outside the fence into the pasture to find peace and quiet. 
I will have to take pictures of the newest batch of chicks, there are 4 Wyandottes, and 3 something else.  It's like a big suprise with they grow up because I can not tell the difference in chicks except yellow or black chicks. 

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