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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Florida Strawberry Festival

For my Girl M's birthday we took her to the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City.  The day started out cloudy and a few sprinkles but by the time we got to Plant City it started to clear up.  The day ended up being beautiful!  Not too hot with a nice breeze.

My husband and I are not fair types.  We usually get a friend to take the kids to our local fair.  But to celebrate Girl M's birthday, we even rode the faris wheel with the kids! (I won't do that again!)

Having more fun than me!
The kids enjoyed riding more rides and at least they got to ride with each other.  Neither one would have rode by themselves or with a stranger.  I don't think they fought one time until we got into the car.

We saw some of the strangest foods.  Deep fried Reeses' Cup, Snickers bars, M&M's, Brownies and Hershey's Drops. But the one that really made us laugh was "Deep Fried Bubble Gum?"  How would you eat that?  We were not even brave enough to try it.

Deep Fried Bubble Gum?
We did eat some pretty good food though, Boy F. tried fried jalapenos, he said they were good and not too hot.  Husband had a fried onion, it was good but it was almost too pretty to eat.

Heart attack goodness?

Girl M. & I shared a Stawberry Shortcake.  The Catholic church has a booth and you get to make your own.  This is the one thing I look forward too because you get to choose between cake or biscut (I like biscut) and then you make your own.  Lots of strawberries in yummy syrup then all the delicious whipped cream you can get on top!It's only $3.50 and it is pure delight!

I hope girl M. had a birthday to remember!  We had a great time! 

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