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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good-Bye and Hello!

After driving a 1991 Volvo for the past six years I have been blessed with a new vehicle.  My mother gave me the Volvo and I have thankfully been driving it forever.  I did love the car but things were getting to where my husband was having to work on it every week!  He was getting worried that it would strand me somewhere with the kids.  I tried to talk him into getting just one more year out of it.  My kids were almost embarrassed to ride with me in the Volvo.  I just told them it was FREE!  You know how kids are!  I am going to miss her!

R.I.P Free Ride!

So even though my new ride will guzzle a little more gas, I must say she is PRETTY SWEET!  Now the kids can actually bring a friend if they want.  More room for thrift shop and auction finds and the A/C works without opeing the glove compartment

My new ride!
Tomorrow is my first adventure out in it!  Watch out!  Until next time......


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