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Monday, February 15, 2016

Sparkle Grey Knit Cap Sleeve T-shirt

Using my fabric I purchased with my Christmas gift card to Joann's, I made a cap sleeve t-shirt from my TNT pattern.

TNT Cap Sleeve Pattern-Only Two Pieces!
I like that my TNT Cap Sleeve pattern only has two pattern pieces and I can usually finish it up in under and hour or so.

Sparkle Grey Knit Cap Sleeve T-Shirt
I'm going to try my best to explain how I do my neckband for knit T-shirts.

Fold shirt in half matching sleeve seems, center back of shirt on left, center front on right.

Shirt laid out in half
Measure the neckline.  My half measurement is 14.  So the whole neckline would be 28".

Measured Neckline

I multiply my neckline measurement by .80.  (That's a good number for me to have the neckband a little snugger fitting).  You may have to use a number close, like .75, .70, etc.)

28 x .80 = 22.4"

Since I cut my neckband on the fold with the stretch of the fabric I only need  11.5". (half of 22.4)

I like cutting the width of my neck band at 2-1/2".  That gives me a good 1/2" seam allowances.

2-1/2" width
Cutting from the fold, cut 11.5".

2-1/2" x 11.5" on fold
My nice looking neck band cut and ready to start sewing.

Neck Band cut 2-1/2" x 11.5"
Right sides together, I surged with a 3/8" seam allowances short sides.

Serge right sides together
Making a band.

Neck Band
With wrong sides together I stitch using a basting stitch on the raw edge.  This also helps when inserting the neckband keeping the two pieces together.

Basting wrong sides together
Just a little reminder from my machine what stitch length.

Basting Stitch
Stitch around the whole neckband along the cut edge.

Basted Neck Band
Quarter the neckband.  I usually place my two side pins about 1/2 forward for my tops.  Helps since I have more fabric in the back than the front.

Quartered neck band

Quartered neck band
Better view of the neck band quartered and side pins brought forward 1/2" at each side.

Neck Band Quartered
Matching pins to side seams and center back and center front, I pin the neck band to the outside of the shirt.

Pinning in neckband
Sew the neckband onto the shirt, I like to have the neckband on the bottom so that I can stretch it to fit the neck of the shirt. 

Once the neckband is sewed in I topstitch with a twin needle around the shirt neck right below the neckband.  Slow even stitches.   I also use the twin needle on the sleeve hem and the bottom hem of the shirt.  

Twin needle on the bottom hem

Sparkle Grey Knit Cap Sleeve T-Shirt

Sparkle Grey Knit Cap Sleeve T-shirt

Sparkle Grey Knit T-shirt-Back View
Now I have to try to find something to wear this shirt with.  Definitely my black twill skirt, maybe even a white one........

Sparkle Grey Knit Cap Sleeve T-shirt with Purple cardigan
This is all the fabric leftover from making the top.  Pretty good not having much waste.

Leftover fabric scraps
Until next time..........


  1. Pretty teeshirt and thanks for the neckband Tutorial. I must try your .80 or less method. I usually just subtract anywhere from 2 to 4 inches depending on the stretch of my fabric. Happy sewing.

  2. Hope it helps you with your next t-shirt. Thanks for stopping by!