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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Modesty Panel or Neckline Filler

I've been in need of modesty panels for a few dresses I have made/bought that show just a little too much cleavage. 

This was a quick and easy sew.  I made a few of them this past Sunday after morning Church.  I made my Mother a few of them to try.

My versions had my kids laughing.  They thought I was making thong underwear!  Kids!

Since I didn't have a pattern, I just put a piece of scrap fabric on my dress form, trimmed it until I thought it would work. 

Test Piece Modesty Panel
 After trimming it up, I made a paper pattern copy. 

Modesty Panel Pattern

Modesty Panel Pattern
 I used snaps to hook the top of the modesty panel around my bra straps.  Since I only have one bra style, this works perfect for me. 

Modesty Panel-Snaps
 The panel just tucks under the bottom of my bra.  I used a piece of ponte knit fabric I had left over from a past project. Perfect!

Modesty Panel
 I've worn this dress a few times but I really needed a modesty panel when I wear it to Church.

Modesty Panel

Lace Modesty Panel

Lace Modesty Panel-Close up
I'm thinking now I have a little project to make with any leftover fabrics I have.

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  1. Great idea. When I wore rtw, I avoided many nice dresses because they showed too much skin in the chest/bust area.

    1. I've now worn the modestly panel 3 times and I LOVE it. I'm going to have to make a white and a nude. Thanks for your kind comments.