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Friday, February 12, 2016

Lingerie Long Shorts Slip

I have never made an undergarment before.  Never a bra (not for my 38G's). nor underwear or a slip.  Why have I waited so long?

I wanted a slip that is between a culotte and a pair of shorts.  Something to wear under skirts so in the hotter months my thighs don't chafe.

I started with my inspirational pair that I already have. 

Inspirational pair
One leg liked to ride up.  So I just made a pattern from them, lengthened the leg length 3" and added a little width to the legs. I also added a little to the back waist height, to make up for my full size bottom. Making the pattern took me a total of an hour to make up.

Shorts Slip Pattern
My version looks pretty close to my inspiration pair.  Pretty good job for my first try.
Shorts Slip
Cleaning out a cabinet in my laundry room I came across a can of Static Guard.  I'm glad I did since the tricot fabric had a little static. 

static guard
Static Guard

I ordered tricot from Fabric.com.  I know I said I wouldn't order from them anymore but they were the only one I could find tricot from.  I was very happy with the quality of the fabric, exactly like my slips I already have.  The shipping was very fast this time.

  • Country of Origin Made in the USA or Imported
  • Contents 100% nylon
  • Fabric Weight Very Lightweight

  • Width 108''

  • 40 denier tricot beige                                   

  • Details

    Description: This semi-sheer tricot is appropriate for lingerie or lining especially knits. It has about 50% stretch across the grain for added comfort and ease.
    Hand Wash/Drip Dry

    Fabric.com had many colors to choose from but many were on backorder.  I'll keep checking and maybe even order other colors.

    I had some lace stashed that I used for the leg edges.  I'm not sure I like it but it was fun to sew with lace.  Easy to just zig zag stitch to the edge. 

    My version on left; inspiration version on right

    My version on left; inspiration version on right

    I used the lingerie elastic for the waistband.  This was my first time using this type of elastic.  I'm not thrilled with the look of the results but it's under my clothes so as long it's comfortable it's ok.

    My version on left; inspiration version on right
    All in all my short liners/shorts slip turned out pretty good.  I'm glad I ventured out to try something new.

    Shorts Slip

    I'm going to try to wear the shorts slip around the house a few times to see how they work.  It might have to sew up a few more pair.

    Maybe underwear will be my next challenge.  I just bought 5 pair for $13.00!  That's crazy!  Since I prefer cotton (white) underwear they should be a little less expensive..........

    I also purchased a yard of jersey knit fabric in a multi stripe from Fabric.com.  I thought that it would be a nice cap sleeve t-shirt for summer.

    This fabric is so crummy! The cut is off and also the print.  So really there is only 24" of usable fabric. 

    I tried to line up the stripes.  Nope!

    Striped Jersey Knit Fabric
    No matter how I matched up the stripes the fabric was so off grain.  The fabric was over 6" off if I folded it on grain.

    Striped Jersey Knit Fabric
    I was so disgusted by how off the print of the fabric was.  I have never seen one printed so crooked.

    Stripe Jersey Knit Fabric
    Matching up the stripes you can see how off the selvages are.

    Stripe Jersey Knit Fabric

    I don't know why I added this in my Fabric.com cart.  I seem to have such bad luck with this company's fabric.  Now the tricot was perfect but out of every order I only end up liking maybe 10% of the fabric I receive.  I guess I'm just spoiled from the quality of fabric I receive from Fabricmartfabrics.com. 

     I wadded up the fabric and put it near the trash can.  But I CAN NOT throw away fabric.  

    How about a scarf?  I thought maybe a tank for Dear Daughter but she didn't like the fabric.  It's pretty thin.

    Until next time..............



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