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Friday, March 3, 2017

Growing Out My Gray 90 Day Update & Haircut

It's been three months since my last color.  I am slightly amused by how fast my hair grows but also aggravated at how my hair looks.  Some days I just HATE it and I refuse to look in the mirror.  Some days I am amused at all the colors and what's really under all the colored hair.

I tried the no poo method (no shampoo, just conditioner to wash your hair)  that was NOT for me!  My hair was so oily and it had flakes all in it!  YUCK!  My Dear Daughter doesn't use shampoo on her waist length blond hair and doesn't have any trouble with it but maybe because my hair is darker and shorter I was not happy after trying it for a month.

No poo not for me!
The gray is getting harder and harder to hide when I style my hair.

72 days

Top of my head

I have a lot of white over my right eye.  I haven't been brave enough to wear it showing to Church yet.  I can still part it on the opposite side to cover the white a little bit.

Parted hair on right side

For years I have used a styling product called Dry Icing by Samy on my hair and I LOVE it!  Unfortunately, like everything else, it's no longer available.  I am trying a product called Dry Wax by En Joy.  It's ok, but it's not my Dry Icing.  I'll just have to make it work.

The hairdresser said that two more cuts and all the color should be out.  That's about 12 weeks.  So probably June I will be all transitioned.

82 days

White patch showing

I tried to hold off getting a haircut this time so that I would be able to get a lot of the color cut off.  Boy what a shock!  I couldn't get as much cut off the top but she cut the back and sides and it's complete sparkle!

I have a white patch on both sides of my head above my ears.  I didn't know that was there!

90 days
 The gray hair behaves differently.  It has a mind of it's own sometimes.

Misbehaving gray hair

The hairdresser has warned me that with the white spot on top of my head that my scalp will get sunburned easily.  I have bought a big black sun hat!

90 days

This has tried my patience but I am glad that my hair is short, I don't think I have the patience to wait out a year or two to transition long hair.  Those women are STRONG!

Wish me patience, I'll update you next month on my progress.

Until next time..............


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