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Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Skirts

My skirt hack from my favorite QVC Denim & Co. skirt I wear so much has four new friends to share my closet with!

The pattern is four pieces: skirt front, skirt back, waistband and pocket.  I can sew up this skirt in about an hour if I don't get distracted.

Denim hack shirt

pocket view

Khaki skirt

Khaki skirt up close
The black skirt is by far my MOST favorite.  I've worn it 4 times already!  It does have a little more stretch in it than the other two, the fabric is thinner and so comfortable!

Black stretch denim skirt
I also made a marbled blue denim skirt, but I must have forgot to take a photo!  Maybe I'll update when I wear it.

I am thinking a new top pattern will be in the works soon.

I don't know if I mentioned that Dear Hubby and I have changed our way of eating.  We have ate a low carb diet in the past and have been able to control our weight.  We started a Keto way of eating (WOE) back in January and as of today, 9 weeks, I have lost 15.5lbs!  No exercise either!  I am so excited!

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