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Monday, February 27, 2017

McCall 6076 Shirt

Believe it or not I have been sewing.  In between alterations of a wedding dress, two bridesmaid dresses, 5 pairs of uniform pants and two shirts, I have worked in a shirt or two.

I liked the McCall 6076 shirt pattern.  It has princess seams that go to the shoulder instead of the armholes.  The shirt is easy to sew up but I do hate collars.  I don't wear them well on ready to wear clothing.  The collar always looks like it pulling to the back on me.  I am hoping that making a shirt that fits my curves will eliminate the pull.

McCall 6076 Shirt
I opted to make short sleeves since it's so hot here in Florida and I would like to wear this shirt more than one day of the year!  I used my armhole template and sleeve template (it fits perfect).

Lightweight chambray type denim fabric I had in my stash was a perfect weight for this top.

M6067 Denim Shirt

Back View

Shoulder princess

My second version was from a stretch cotton paisley/floral print fabric.  I love the colors in this one.

M6067 Stretch Cotton Paisley Floral Shirt

Back View

Both tops are waiting for button holes and buttons to be finished.

About 5 years ago I bought a denim skirt from QVC, I LOVE this skirt.  But I can't see paying $35 for another one.  So I think I'm going to copy it and make my own pattern of one.  Wish me luck!

QVC Denim & Co A97747 Denim Skirt

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  1. I have been binge-watching Peggy Sagers web casts, and one of the Q&A sessions mentioned that shirts pull to the back when there isn't enough length in the back, so if you still have issues try slashing and adding mare length at center back and tapering to nothing at the sides. She said it is a little cumbersome but try to determine how much it is pulling to the back and adding that amount. Best wishes. And they look so far!

    1. Thank you for the tip! After I put buttons on the shirts and wear them I will see if these pull back. I do love watching Peggy Sagers too. Sometimes I can not watch the q&A part because she gets snippy, I do love Fit 2 Stitch episodes the most.