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Friday, February 3, 2017

Two More Dresses

I thought starting back sewing I needed to go with TNT patterns.  No fussy parts, nothing too complicated.  I made a knee length, sleeveless tank dress from ITY Knit.  It's going to be perfect for summer.

Animal Print Tank Dress

ITY Knit Animal Print Tank Dress
This dress did take 2 yards of ITY knit fabric being 42" long (calf-length). $7.20 for a summer dress!

The second dress was my TNT knit dress pattern with a half circle skirt.  I do love this pattern.  The fabric choice is not my favorite but I thought I would just use it up.  It's pretty LOUD!!!  Maybe a black cardigan would tame it down a little.

ITY Knit half circle skirt Dress
 I used fold over elastic at the neck and made short sleeves.  It should be a great dress for the hot humid summers here.
ITY Knit half circle skirt Dress 

$8.97 dress

I need to finish the hems on both dresses but my cheap Brother sewing machine isn't wanting to sew with the twin needle this week.  I may need a new needle, I'll get it ordered today from Ebay.  I am happy to have a few new dresses to wear and that I have finally gotten back into the sewing room.

I still have our kitchen that needs to be re-painted but now I've paused on all that work for a week or so.  Hopefully I'll get motivated soon.

I have to share Dear Daughter's bedroom.  I think my KonMari style of tidying up the rest of the house has rubbed off on her..........no she has rubbed off on me!  She keeps her room so nice and clean.  I love going in there while she is at school and opening her window for fresh air, it's such eye candy for me.  She does want to repaint again and asked for a Queen bed for her birthday.  How can I say no?

Dear Daughter Room KonMari Clean!

Dresser & shelves


Dresser Drawer

Nail Polishes

Make-up brushes

I caught Dear Daughter cleaning her window frame channel.  She took her screen frame out and got a toothbrush and cleaner and was cleaning away.  Then she gets the vacuum from my sewing room and goes around the baseboards vacuuming any dust and dog hair.  It's usually a weekly routine she does when she moves her room around.  Gotta love her!

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  1. Wow - what a blessing! A daughter who loves to clean. Both dresses are beautiful. I don't think they are too loud--I love both prints.

    1. Thank you. I'm thinking of wearing the pink one tomorrow to church. Let's see if anyone says anything. Thanks for stopping by!

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