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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kwik Sew 4013 Brown ITY Knit Dress

It sure makes you feel good when you sew up a new pattern and the muslin is a wearable!

I must start by stating the last 6 months or so, I have a hard time following pattern directions.  I glance at them but that's about all.  It seems that I was not able to focus on them, I took it as being impatient.  But since the last two weeks changing up my diet and adding more FAT into it, my concentration and ability to focus while reading has improved drastically.

I have changed my way of eating to a Ketogenic, high fat, low carb diet.  Most morning I start with a Bulletproof Coffee.  It's french press coffee, with a tablespoon of grass fed butter, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 tablesppons of heavy cream.  It keeps me full until lunch and no afternoon cravings for my iced coffee!  But the whole reason to try the Bulletproof Coffee was for mental clarity and energy and I think it's working!

Ok, back to sewing.  I decided to try the Kwik Sew 4013 dress.  I could only find one review for the dress and she stated that the pattern runs large.  No pattern has ever run large on me!  I cut out a size XL and ended up having to take it in!  I used a Large on the top to the waist and a XL from the waist down.  I am also going to use the Large elastic length for the front in back next time.

Kwik Sew 4013 Knit Dress

Front View

Back View

With Flash

With Sweater Cardigan

$9.00 Dress!

The dress is a wearable muslin that I'm planning on wearing with this sweater cardigan.  I've had this for many years and have always been limited to what to wear with it.

I will have to sew up another dress soon.  Maybe a print or a colorblock one?

Jo-ann's is having a sale this week on patterns $5/5, I know I don't need more but I have a gift card that's wanting to be used!

Until next time................


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  1. Love the new dress. It looks like it is very comfortable, and such score that it matches with an underutilized item. I really like the short sleeves...hadn't been thinking about that option. They look really wearable together. Thanks for sharing your experience with the coffee additions...I always have taken mine black with just a little sugar but will need to think about changing that up. I certainly could use an extra spark like you have.