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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I'm Growing Out My Gray!

Sometimes you read someone's post on their blog and a lightbulb comes on and you think "Why not!"  After reading Coco's Loft post here I have decided to grow out my gray hair!  Why not!

I have been going gray since I was in my 20's.  It has never bothered me.  But the last 20+ years I have had it professionally dyed every 6 weeks.

This photo from about 11 years ago shows how much gray I had then.  My hair was much longer and I received a lot of negative comments about the gray stripe but the gray didn't bother me.  I always thought that God gave me something special.  Both of my parents are/were completely gray early.  My Dad in his 50's, my Mother probably in her 50's too (but she dyed it for years too but has since stopped and is now beautiful salt & pepper).


My hair is short, a man's regular haircut length.  I am thinking that giving it 6 months it should be completely grown out gray.  My last coloring was December 1, 2016.  So, the middle of summer June/July I should be rid of all the hair coloring. That's about 30 weeks.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our weekend at the beach for our oldest son's wedding in 2015.
November 2015

I've been watching quiet a few Youtube videos on growing out gray.  There is so much information out there about shampoos, styling, emotional cycles and wardrobe colors.  One of my biggest hurdle has been telling my hairdresser.  She has always done a wonderful job coloring my hair and I do value her opinion but......

  1. She is 10 years younger than me and 
  2. I've tried this before and she did NOT like it. 
 I'm afraid that as much as I love how she cuts my hair, I may have to find someone else, I just hope that she will understand and be supportive.  I did let her know a few days before my appointment that I am planning on growing out my gray hair.  I didn't want to read her response but all she said was "WOW" with some heart emoji.  Maybe giving her some time to think on it won't be such a shock.

Update:  My hairdresser was cautious but she was ok with the not dying my hair.  She warned me that I will have much more gray than I did 10 years ago........duh!  But I think she will come around.  She also agreed that it should all be grown out in about 6 months.  My next appointment in February will show a lot more gray.

Speaking of support, Dear Daughter was not on board of this journey.  She spent most of the first day I told her trying to sway me into JUST coloring it.  I finally had to talk to her about being a little more supportive with MY decision.  I let her know I valued her opinion but it was MY hair and MY decision and that sometimes you have to be supportive even if you don't agree.  Maybe I should have that same talk with my Dear Hubby!

My Mother would probably kill me if she knew I posted this photo!  Both my Mom and my brother have naturally curly/wavy hair.  Mine is straight as a board!  Maybe it will change when I stop coloring it!

Mom's silver locks Christmas 2016
I am very interested in wardrobe colors for my new changing hair color.  I did wear a lot of warm colors like brown, orange, gold and tan.  Now I think I need to look towards more blacks, grays, whites, dark purples, royal blue and jewel tones.

I'm going to have to go through my closet and re-evaluate my tops & dresses.


I 've been warned about people's reaction to growing out my gray hair.  There is a sweet lady at Church who is very vocal about things, her reaction will be priceless I'm sure.  My Mom's and my Aunt's will be to discourage me and I know someone will say I've let myself go.  I will just have to wear a little make-up and smile for the next few months.

I know that my hair color won't change overnight and my perseverance will pay off eventually.  I also think that change is good sometimes too.

The Bible says in  Proverbs 16:31 The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.  I had to Google hoary head and it means gray, white or silver.  So if it's in the Bible, it must be good!

Here are my before photos.  No glamour shot here!

6 week grow-out (My hair looks red in the sun?!)

Gray is growing out about 1/2" every 6-weeks

It's funny that the camera shows what you can't see!

I didn't know all that was back there!
Wish me luck and please, if you notice I crop my head out of photos for a few months, you will know why but I will keep you updated on my latest journey.

Until next time........



  1. I think it will be fine. It looks like you have silver rather than a dull gray and that will be lovely. You might have to change your glass frames though. Your frames now compliment your red brown coloring. Excited to see the end result.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I will have to wait until next year for new frames (insurance!). But I was thinking either black or silver for the next pair. Maybe having my gray grown out by then I will know what color frame for the next pair for sure. I'm excited but also dealing with the transition is like waiting for a baby to arrive......!

  2. I've stopped colouring my hair too and had it cut a bit shorter. Once I got used to it I was quite happy. I coloured it myself, so I just told the hairdresser I was stopping and asked her to cut it a bit shorter and in layers to be less obvious. if your hairdresser causes you trouible find a new one, you are the customer and it is your hair.

  3. Good for you sticking up for yourself. WHile we love our friends and family they really should know when to settle down and just be supportive.

    Enjoy your new style!

    1. It sure makes me think twice about what I say myself. Thank you for your support!

  4. I did this several years back, and my stepdaughter was my hairdresser. I finally had to go to someone else, because she's been brainwashed that everyone's goal is to look younger. Not me. I want to look like myself. It's a difficult transition period, but well worth the trouble because you save a lot of time and money!

    1. I know, I saved $50 this month just by not coloring my hair. (I did spend it at Fabricmartfabrics though......! Thank you for stopping by & commenting too, I'm happy to know there are others out there in cyber space!

  5. Soldier on, you have the right attitude! I started this journey in May 2016. But I am also letting my hair grow longer as well. Mine was previously same brown/reddish as yours and short. I had my hairstylist heavily highlight all over and to almost white. Shocking at first but I kinda liked it. A couple of trims, but no real cuts since. Now it is out probably 4-5 inches of white and salt and pepper with the ends still yellow and white from the highlighting. My face is completely framed in natural white and I receive compliments on it all the time now.
    It is a little bit of a process but as long as you are resolved that this is what you want, you are gonna love it. And you gotta love no chemicals going on your head anymore.
    Better yet...experimenting with new coloring of your clothing. And then sewing that new wardrobe. Fun times are ahead!

    1. An exciting journey for me, and now realizing that I'm getting old. Bi-focals yesterday.......Turning 43 is tough!
      Thank you for your support & kind comments.

  6. Good for you! May God bless and help you respond to all sorts of comments you will be receiving....my bright red hair is going shocking white- I look a bit like an aging Irish Setter.

    1. You made me spit out my coffee! I'm sure you are beautiful and you white hair is too. Thank you for the kind comment and blessings. Your support warms my heart.

  7. I am SEW excited for you Bonnie. You go woman!

    It did not even occur to me to reevaluate my wardrobe because of my silver locks. Shoot, girl, I don't even care. Have the nerve to think my hair is the bomb diggity. I am LOVING it!

    I should write a blog post. I can't believe I have not already. Don't feel like going back and checking so if I do a new one, sew what. That's the beauty of running one's own blog, eh!

    You keep on keeping on with your silver/white haired sexy sewing self.



  8. Congrats! It's going to be lovely when you get there. My hair has been short for years and I'm tempted all the time but the discrepancy between ny roots and my dyed hair keep forcing the issue as I end up with three different hair colors going on: pure white roots right at front, salt and pepper everywhere else and then medium brown above. So unattractive, that I always give up. I'm looking into headscarves and turbans for when I finally get the guts to do it, then just the white will be visible, and everyone including me can get used to it right away. My niece is getting married in June so it won't happen until after that as I don't want "transition hair" in those pictures, especially not with my new made-by-me emerald silk dress! Good luck fighting the good fight!

    1. Thank you for your kind words & the encouragement! The transition is tough, some days I hate all the different colors but I try to think of the big picture. My "new" gray hair acts differently than my colored hair (it has a mind of it's own!!!) Patience is NOT one of my best traits but I am going to do this! Hairdresser said that by June all my color will be cut out. Only 3+ months to go. I think it is easier with short hair than longer styles. Those women are PATIENT! Thank you again!