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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Dear Hubby has returned to work. Night shift for the next three months!  The first night I just messed around in the sewing room.  Put away items, looked at my beautiful fabric, thought about all the things I've missed in there.  The second night I made two skirts!

I made a yoga waist black jersey knit skirt for me and a maxi skirt for Dear Daughter.

Black Jersey Knit Yoga skirt

I also made a cap sleeve knit shirt in a brown and pink jersey knit.  Since these won't be my colors in a few months I might as well wear it now.

This is just my TNT pattern, nothing new here.

Brown Pink Jersey Knit Cap Sleeve Shirt

Brown Pink Jersey Knit Cap Sleeve Shirt

Brown Pink Jersey Knit Cap Sleeve Shirt
 The shirt turned out great.  I will need to size down a little next time.  Maybe it was because there was so much stretch in the knit or I could have lost a pound or two...... Who knows?

Brown Pink Jersey Knit Cap Sleeve Shirt
I think my next project is going to be a knit tank dress, sleeveless, knee length, in a print/color that I won't be able to wear for long...........

Until next time...............



  1. Glad too see you're sewing for DD again-did she ever retrieve the beautiful shorts you made for her? Sorry about making you choke on your coffee with my comment on your last post- rather rude of me. I love the brown and pink top.

    1. You're reply was a very "colorful" description, not rude! Dear daughter is wearing the shorts I made her. She doesn't even fuss anymore about them, but I did learn my lesson too. I have worn the brown & pink top three times already, getting my wear out of it before it makes me look yucky.

  2. Well haven't you been the busy bee. You go girl!