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Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year!

I wish we had weather like this for a week or so........

But this is what I must endure here in sunny Florida............

Our Christmas was a good one.  Lots of smiles and laughs and food and presents.  We drove to my mother's house for Christmas Eve, Christmas with the kids on Sunday morning before Church then to Dear Hubby's family after Church.  It was a busy weekend.

I don't usually make New Year resolutions.  But I do make a list at the beginning of every month of things I hope to accomplish that month.  Sometimes they get completed and sometimes they either get erased or moved over to the next month.  It's my way to keep life a little organized.

Daughter in law bought me these vintage pattern notebooks for Christmas.  They are the best! (She LOVED ALL the Pioneer Woman stuff I got her!)

Image result for vintage pattern notebook

Looking back through my post of 2016, I have a few favorite items I sewed and wear regularly.

In January 2016 I made this skirt and jacket.  It's my go-to cold weather outfit.  Now I know it's only cold here a day or two, but this is the warmest things I own!

 I also made the Simplicity 1072 and even though it's too big, I wear it.  I really should make another one.

 I just wore this dress to Church for Christmas.  It was 85 degrees and this had short sleeves!  I have worn this one numerous time this past year.  I need to make another version.

 My go to shirt.  My favorite shirt. I've worn this shirt a hundred times!

This skirt is a staple in my closet too.  I've worn it almost as much as the shirt above!

 My favorite nightgown  and my favorite robe.  I wear them daily.

My ultimate favorite outfit is this one!  When Dear Hubby fell from our roof, I wore this dress and cardigan for three days.  Not a wrinkle!  No one ever knew I slept in it for two nights!  It's cool when it's hot outside.  It's not to casual, not too formal.  The PERFECT outfit!

It seems like I like purple.  I never noticed how much purple I have.  Maybe that's my color.....

I hope that my sewing this coming year is as productive as the past year has been and that I will continue to learn new techniques and grow in sewing and fitting.  I am looking forward to a year full of inspirations from both my sewing friends and blog friends.

I wish you a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!

Until next time.............



  1. I would be happy to share our cold and snow if I could Bonnie! The vintage pattern notebooks are so sweet. I really enjoyed your look back and what you have sewn and assessed it for what works and what you wore most, then you know what works. I am looking forward to see what you sew in 2017!

  2. We are expecting colder weather this weekend.....highs in the 60's! After cleaning out my closet a few months ago, I can easily see what I love to wear. I'm redecorating the living room then I may take a break before moving onto the kitchen. Dear Hubby should be returning back to work next week, maybe the sewing mojo will return too! Thanks for stopping by & your kind comments.