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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Purple Maxi Knit Tank Dress & McCall 6844 Black ITY Knit Cardgian

While I'm on a roll of sewing dresses, why not make another tank dress!
Purple Maxi Knit Tank Dress

I made this dress maxi length (54" long), used fold over elastic for the neckline and steam a seam 2 for the armholes, folding over the fabric and topstitching.  I used a small 1/4" hem along the bottom of the dress.

The pattern on the fabric is great for hiding all my trouble spots (tummy, butt, etc).  It's the perfect camouflage!

The dress was easy and fast to sew up using my TNT tank dress pattern.  I've worn this dress twice since sewing it.  I love the ease of slipping it on, adding a cardigan and a little jewelry and off I go!

$10.80 Maxi Dress!

Purple Maxi Knit Tank Dress

I'm going to have to make a few more of these!

I'm thinking that it needs a black cardigan to go with it.................McCall 6844 again?  Of Course!

I made the sleeves above the elbow length.  The perfect length for summer and I can still wear it to Church.

McCall 6844 Black ITY Knit Cardigan

Purple Maxi Dress & McCall 6844 Black Cardigan

McCall 6844 Black ITY Knit Cardigan

McCall 6844 Short Sleeve Cardigan

McCall 6844 Cardigan $7,20

Purple Maxi Dress & McCall 6844 Cardigan

I'm on a cardigan kick again, I must sew another!

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  1. What a nice outfit! I'm new to your blog but see that you are a Gabric Mart lover like me :)

  2. Thank you for the kind comments and stopping by to see me. Yes, I am a Fabric Mart lover too. Between their great price and the quality of their fabric they are my FAVORITE store!

  3. Great outfit for summer - casual & pretty.

    1. Yes, I am going to wear this dress out this summer!