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Friday, May 20, 2016

McCall's M7160 Knit Dress

I fit in a little "ME" sewing while waiting to receive more fabric for the quilt.  I have a mixed review for the McCall M7160 dress.

The pattern is "easy", there were only one skirt piece (cut twice) and two bodice pieces & pocket piece (cut four times). I made view "D" without sleeves.   I was excited that this dress had pockets.  But...................

McCall M7160 Knit Dress
 The good about this pattern are:

  1. I LOVE the circle skirt!  The fullness & the length.
That's all for the good.

The bad things are:
  1. The pockets on the jersey knit are not so good.  Not sure if it's the fabric or the pattern
  2. The bodice has a seam down the front.  It would be ok if I used a stripe fabric on the bias.
I'm going to keep the skirt pattern for future use.  I will just need to use my basic sloper for the top.

Sorry for the fish-eye type view, I was trying out my new camera with a mini tripod.  It's the only photo I have of the dress.

McCall M7160 Blue Jersey Knit Dress

3 yards Jersey Knit Fabric $12.00
 We opened the pool!  The 80 degree water is calling me.  I try to fit in a hour or so here and there to relax and bob in the water.

Pool is Open!
 Fabric arrived and I have finished Dear Hubby's Aunt's quilt.  There is a lot of sentimental blocks that make up this very colorful, one of a kind, piece of art!  Put on your sunglasses!

Brenda Quilt ready to be Quilted!
I have taken the quilt top to the quilter.  He's running about 4-6 weeks behind so with fingers crossed, I'm hoping it will be done close to June 12th.  She's going to cry!

Until next time.................


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  1. It's a pretty dress. Maybe you'll enjoy wearing it. The quilt is really cute.