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Friday, March 4, 2016

Not A Good Week: Tree Trimming Disaster & A Sewing Wadder!

My Dear Husband decided we needed to have two trees cut down. 

They have been here since I was little, (about 37 years) and they weren't dying.  I thought they should stay, but I was outvoted. 

He didn't like that the leaves fell into the pool in March and October.  But I just kept the pool covered from October to April anyways so they didn't really bother me much.

Two trees to be removed

Goodbye lifelong trees!

A friend of my husband came to cut them down.  He did a wonderful job, being so careful to drop the limbs and not hit the house or the pump house or the pool deck.  He was almost done on Saturday and all that he had left to cut down was the large trunk. 

Well, wouldn't you know, the tree trunk twisted when it fell and landed on the corner of the pump house and the pool and the pool deck!

No one got hurt!

I almost had a nervous breakdown!  I don't do well with emergencies.  I had to go inside and laydown since I was going to be sick.  I just covered my head with a blanket and counted my breaths to 100!

Damage to deck

Damage to deck railing

Damage to pump house

Once they removed the tree from the deck it wasn't as bad as it looked at first.  A few sections of railing had to be replaced, a few deck boards and a ledger board.  The pump house had to be rebuilt but Thank GOD it didn't damage our pool pump or our water pump and water filters and softeners!

A few pool parts are on order to repair the damaged parts but I don't think we'll cut another tree down!

Two trees removed

Deck railing replaced

One good thing was that after the guy rebuilt our pump house we decided to finish it.  We never finished the sides because we couldn't decide what to do.  Well, we just made it match the railing of the pool deck.  Now it looks like a good place to grow some cucumbers or jasmine!

Pump house replaced

Deck repaired

Deck railing & board replaced


In the mean time I was working on a sundress.  I used Simplicity 5845, I redrew the pattern and added my usual full bust and hip increase, I almost cut the pattern out and then I realized it was almost like the Simplicity 4265 I sewed up a million years ago.  So I decided to sew a muslin up of that pattern.  After working on it all week I gave up.  I don't know if it was the stress of the tree falling or I just wasn't feeling well but it ended up a wadder in the trash can!

Simplicity 5845 Sundress Fail!

I'm just going to move onto something that I know will work.  How about another Butterick 5778!

Until next time...................



  1. Bonnie, I am so sorry about the trees and the damage that happened.So thankful no one was hurt..
    I love trees and really hate when they are cut down..Hubby cut on about 10 yrs ago, while I was at work, I was devastated [really MAD at him.ha]. It took me a long time, to want to speak to him..smile. But he said, it had to be cut, because it might fall on our house?? My thought, it had been there for ever and never fell.lol
    The replaced stuff looks great..

  2. Aww- what a shame about the tree loss and damage. I love the trees on my lot. Two years ago one of my trees was hit by lightning and fell against the back of the house, crushed the deck and pulled down the gutter. In all this, I felt bad about the tree because everything else could be repaired or replaced. I miss that tree--it brought lovely shade and many birds in the spring and summer. Anyway, on a brighter note--I'm really beginning to like that Butterick 5778. I think it has great possibilities. I thinking summer maxi.