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Monday, March 7, 2016

Butterick 5778 Grey Animal Print Dress

I had to make something that would boost my confidence.  After the disaster in tree cutting and sundress making, I decided to make the Butterick 5778 Again!

I had a yard of Grey/Black/Yellow/White ITY Knit and 1yard 24" of a Grey (not scuba knit), maybe a  techno knit.  I had to shorten the dress skirt length to knee length to make the pattern fit the fabric. 

ITY Floral Animal Print & 1+ yard Techo knit

Butterick 5778
Being a little short on fabric for the bodice, I improvised using a piece of the skirt fabric for the front bodice lining piece.  You can't see it from the outside. 

Butterick 5778 Inside View

I did add the waist ties and the waist elastic this time.  This dress looks very much like summer to me.

Butterick 5778 Back View

Or even Fall with a black cardigan and some boots.

Butterick 5778 Grey Animal Print Dress

Butterick 5778

I topstitched the bodice front piece.  Very tailored looking.

Butterick 5778 Bodice Close-up

Butterick 5778 Bodice

Of course, I had to make a modesty panel.  I had just enough skirt fabric left over to sew one up.  I am going to have to look for some jewelry with bold yellow flowers.

Butterick 5778 & Modesty Panel
I am currently working on altering a bridesmaid dress.  I had to let out the hips a little, take up at the shoulders and add a modesty panel.  I had to look for black satin while I was out this week. 
Until next time................

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