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Monday, March 28, 2016

McCall 6844 Easter Cardigan & Girl M's Easter Dress

Girl M. asked me to sew her an Easter Dress.  I was giddy with excitement! 

Trying to find time for her to sketch it out for me took over three weeks.  Finally one morning at the bus stop she drew it out, explained the fabric she wanted and the style and off to her busy life of school and softball practice she went.

I went home with my cherished drawing and whipped up a muslin of a simple t-shirt dress for her.

Believe it or not, she LOVED it!  The pattern had a few tweaks I needed to make for better fitting on her but she hung the wearable muslin up in her closet to wear!

Girl M- Easter dress muslin

Wearable muslin with a denim jacket

Back view

She has a beautiful eye for style.  She wants a simple sleeveless, knee length knit dress with a long sleeve, maxi length lace overlay.

Easy enough.........................

Until she wanted to change the neck opening style, wanted an exposed zipper, a slit in the side of the lace  to her knee and the under skirt shorter!


The knit fabric didn't allow for a zipper.  It was so stretchy so I had to eliminate it.  The lace looked too much like a bridesmaid dress when it was floor length.  I cut it off.  In the end, she LOVED her dress.

Girl M Easter Dress

I only had a day or two to sew up something for me for Easter.  I thought that this ITY Knit fabric looked like an Easter egg.  The McCall 6844 cardigan was a quick sew.  I used view A.  I also used the burrito method for the collar piece.  My go to tutorial is here.

McCall 6844 Easter Cardigan

McCall 6844 Back view

McCall 6844 Cardigan

McCall 6844 Cardigan for $7.00!
 I need some warm weather t-shirts since Spring lasted only a week here.  It's now humid and in the upper 80's every day.  I am going to dig through my lovely selection of knits to see what I can up with.
Until next time.........................


  1. You made dresses to please a teenage girls. That's quite a feat of magic!

    1. I know! I still can't believe it! She's home today and wants another dress for next Sunday...........!