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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thrift Shop Finds!

Last week Dear Hubby took me to a few thrift shops on our way out to lunch. I came home with an armful of sewing patterns, two yards of a sweater knit, two lamps and a handful of sewing notions from Hobby Lobby that were 1/2 price!

Thrift shop finds!
 Two of these patterns I bought from Hobby Lobby for $.99 each, the rest were just $.25 each.  What a find!  I really needed more patterns since a few hundred isn't enough!

Thrift shop-pattern finds

Half price notions from Hobby Lobby

2 yards sweater knit fabric

Lamps-Need some paint!

I am going to repaint the pink lamps.  Not sure pink is my color!  They came with shades too but I put them away so I wouldn't damage them.

I'm working on more McCall's 6488 cardigans to match my raspberry drape neck dress.  I'll post soon on these.  My camera kills batteries like crazy.  I would just use my phone but, Oh yeah, I don't have one!  I'm going to buy batteries!

On the last episode of Project Runway I would have had a heart attack if I had to use greeting cards to make a dress!  I do not do paper: no card making, no scrapbooking, no paper cutting for me!  I've tried, I don't like it!

So glad Ashely has immunity!  Not feeling her cape.
Drama between Blake & Swapnil is not necessary.  I want design not drama!
David's design is CONSTIPATED!  Too funny Tim!

My Favorites this week was a tie between:
Edmond's wedding dress, just Beautiful! (Congratulations on being the Winner!)
Swapnil's dots, stripes and 3-D flower dress was Cute

My worse pick:
David's hoodie jacket with words on it.  I don't think he used enough of the card elements.

Kelly's funny little outtake about fanny packs cracked me up!  I still don't think it's a trend that going to catch on again.

I can't wait until next week's episode of Project Runway!

Until next time..............



  1. Nice finds! What I don't get about Project Runway is why Black didn't get blasted as well for his design not using enough of the elements. Wasn't his just muslin painted with sparkle paint and a bit of card detailing through the center? Maybe 40% card given the high-low hem of the dress? I loved Swapnil's dress and Edmond's dress. I would totally wear either if made in fabric rather than paper. ;)

    Can't wait for the next episode. :)

    1. Andie,
      I agree with you about Black, I thought he used some envelope foil on the underside of the hi-low skirt for some sparkle.....maybe that brought the total amount up? I think we'll see Swapnil's & Edmond's designs at retail soon!
      Thanks for chatting with me!

  2. Great thrift shop finds. I never find patterns, but then again, I have quite a few of my own LOL! I loved the last challenge on PR as I worked for Hallmark for quite a few years. Kept wondering who had to clean up the store! My third love after sewing and quilting is papercrafting. Between patterns, fabric, and paper, I have taken over the house! Can't wait to see M6488. I made one and have another on the fall list.

    1. My luck on patterns is very up and down at thrift stores, it's either feast or famine! I thought the same thing about the Hallmark store clean up! I thought that maybe they were moving and it didn't matter......? You are multi-craft talented. My neighbor lady keeps trying to get me to make cards with her but I try to avoid it! The only paper I cut is pattern paper!
      I would love to see your version on of the M6488!
      Thanks for chatting with me!

  3. Ooh I like the white pants pattern on the bottom far right. I agree on the Project Runway picks, Edmunds dress was all that, and I loved Swapnils skirt!!

    1. Sheseams,
      I pulled the pattern you liked thinking "I bought a pants pattern?" I never wear pants. It is a full skirt, but the picture does look like palazzo type pants. I'm sure you can frankenpattern it with a pants pattern. I only own one pair of pants, well, really they are capri's that I wear if I have to. But I haven't wore pants in about 5 years.....Isn't that strange?
      If you are interested in the pattern I'll be happy to share it with you. Just email me your address. The pattern is a size 20.
      I'm going to try to watch PR tonight instead of next week, but with a house full of males, they get the remote!!!!
      Thanks for chatting with me.

    2. Thanks! I don't know your email though......................

  4. What a great find! I love trips like that.

    1. It sure made my day! For all the so-so trips, you'll get one that will make up for them!
      Thanks for chatting

  5. Daaammmnnn you got some good ones. Poncho are the thing this year. I love the Butterick with the purple dress too. I life the dress pattern that it is covering up. You really scored!!