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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fall Sewing #2 Drape Neck Tank

In all of the craziness that is going on at our house, sewing is my calm.  Getting the kids ready for the start of school has kept me very busy this week and in the middle of it my Dear Husband will be having heart surgery on Friday. He is having his pacemaker replaced.  He is on his fourth one so hopefully this is just a routine surgery.  Between pre-op, visits to the hospital and the doctors and school shopping I have found a little time to sew two tank tops.

I used Threads Drape neck tutorial to make a pattern from my tank sloper.  I had 2 yards of beautiful Maggy London ITY knit in Midnight blue leftover from the Muse Natalie dress I made earlier this year. Blogged about here

Drape neck pattern-Front view

Drape neck tank pattern layout

Drape neck tank top-front view

Drape neck tank top-back view

 The tank only took 1 yard of the fabric and I couldn't decide if I should use the other yard for sleeves or make another tank with it.  I did want sleeveless........... so I just made another tank, using my basic tank sloper.

One yard of fabric left over..................

Basic tank sloper pattern layout
The second tank is nothing fancy, just a basic tank.  Round neck, banded neckline & armholes.  It's a little more casual than the drape neck tank, but I like them both very much & I will get a lot of wear out both of these tanks.

Navy ITY Knit Tank-Front View
 I really like the bust dart, it makes the fit right on!  I thought at first that tanks don't have bust darts but It's my tank and I CAN have a bust dart.....................!

Navy ITY Knit Tank-Side View

Navy ITY Knit Tank-Back View
Navy ITY Knit Tank-Neck View

$3.50 per tank! What a deal!

Ok, I had my Dear Daughter take a few pictures of me wearing the drape neck tank.  I am no model, but I really LOVE this tank.  It fits perfect at the shoulders and the drape is perfect, no bra showing.  A very modest neckline with style!

Drape neck tank
 Of all the pictures, this one is the most ok.  I really like this jacket I purchased at a thrift store.  It's lightweight and perfect for A/C here in Florida.  I really like the drape neck tank top.  I didn't even  have a problem with it riding up at all!  Great tank!
Drape neck tank with jacket

I've crossed off two items from my fall sewing list.  I hope to get to another item or two next week.  I will have to see how needy my patient is after his surgery.................!

Fall Sewing List:

·        Drape neck tank tops (Two down)

·        Sweater wrap top

·        Cardigans

·        Denim Skirt

·        Sleeveless Button down shirt

·        Princess seam sheath dress

·        Liz Claiborne stripe vest

·        Solid color maxi dresses ¾ sleeve

·        Something with fringe

·        Nightgown with matching robe

·        Red dress with a leopard jacket/cardigan

Wish me luck & prayers for my Dear Husband!

Until next time...........



  1. Bonnie I really enjoy your blog & am so thankful for the plus size sewing encouragement - I am an experienced sewer but a beginner "fitter" if you know what I mean. Thank you so much for showing pictures of your finished garments on the human body - you look wonderful! I have a difficult body shape to fit & you are showing me I can look beautiful also in well fitting clothes. My prayers are with your family for your husband's medical procedure - Beth in AL

  2. Beth,
    Thank you for your kind comments & prayers. Dear hubby is doing very well. He'll be back to his old self soon.
    I am thinking you & I may be long lost sewing sisters! I've sewn for many years but just in the past few have I learned to fit myself. It's hard sometimes, other times, I get it so easy. Just like the drape neck tank, I really love the tank, then I saw the photo of myself in it and wonder if the horizontal lines on my bust are telling me I need to add about 1/2" at the bust side seams.....
    Please keep in contact, I would love to see what you're sewing.

  3. I love the top and how it goes with that cute blazer. Thank you for your compliment on my dress. I hope to be inspired by all the creative sewist out here in blogsphere.

  4. Love the top. The jacket looks like a great find. Good luck with back to school (I remember those days!). And most importantly, glad that DH is doing well!

  5. Nice drape top; it looks great with your thrift store find!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I can't wait to sew up another drape neck tank top or two! I have had this jacket for a few years and I seam to like it more each year.

  6. Pretty blouse and the fabric looks so lush... great fit. It looks fab with the blazer.

  7. That shirt looks great on you....love it with the jacket as well. And you have inspired me to create a "FALL SEWING LIST". What a great way to stay focused and motivated.

  8. Cute top! I like your list of future projects.