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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vacation Pictures & Peanuts & Gang Quilt & Cloth Book

Our little vacation was nice.  The beach was beautiful and the weather held out for our four days we were there.  It was hot and very humid, but that is typical for here in Florida.

See that beautiful Gulf water..............It's a monster!  The Gulf of Mexico swallowed my wedding ring the first day............. I was so sad.....I have had it for 23 years.  I knew my ring was loose and I've already lost it down two sink drains this year but, I should have known better than wear it too the beach. 

It's gone......... Forever.

Vacation 2015 Fort Desoto Beach

Sunset from the pier at Fort Desoto Beach

Sunset at Fort Desoto Beach
We did all of our usual vacation rituals: sleep in late, shop at Publix (that's a real treat for us!), go out for ice cream, fish, watch sunsets and go across the Skyway Bridge.  We are the adventurous type.......

Skyway Bridge
This was our last vacation to the beach.  My dear hubby is fair skinned and a red head and he does not do well with the sun.  We bring a tent to the beach, use lots of sunscreen, hats, etc.  But, he still gets sunburned.............. Earlier this year he had to use a cream that burned the skin on his face and hands to bring out any skin cancers.  It was a rough 6 weeks on him.  So to save his skin we will no longer be going to the beaches. 

Even though this was a good vacation, it was bittersweet. 

Back to sewing news!

I took a little break from my usual sewing and decided to switch gears and sew something a little different.  I'm making my nephew a quilt and cloth book for Christmas.  You know it's only 5 months away!

I saw the Peanuts & gang quilt panel in a Nancy's Notions catalog, the price was a little steep for me so after some research online I found the same one at www.fabric.com for 1/2 the price.  I just love the camping theme of the panel.  The quilt size ended up being 36"x56". 

Peanuts & Gang quilt panel

I'm trying to decide what to use for the backing fabric.  A solid or a print? 

I've made yards and yards of binding and I finally went to the store for some batting.  (I hate going to town). 

Woodstock quilt binding
The cloth book was from Nancy's Notions and it was an easy, quick project to make up.  I think my little nephew will like both gifts.
Peanuts cloth book

Peanuts cloth-book inside

Peanuts cloth book-back cover

Until next time.......


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  1. Beautiful vacation pics and so sorry you lost your wedding ring. That quilt is soooo pretty, I have acquired a bit of quilting fabric & notions, but haven't done anything yet.