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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Butterick 5760 Cardigan in Goldenrod Ponte & Tank Sloper

I couldn't wait until the weather gets cooler to make the Butterick 5760 cardigan!  I've had this pattern for about 12 hours before I got to sewing it up.......No time like the present!

Butterick 5760 B5760 Cardigan

This is a really simple pattern to sew up.  Only a few pieces.  I used my usual knit armhole template and sleeve.  It sure makes it much easier to get the sleeve just right.  I did have to add to the bust and to the hip area.  My usual increase.  Even though I used a ponte knit that had about 50% stretch, I added ease to the bust and hip for comfort.

I haven't added any type of closures.  I'm not sure if I want to add snaps or buttons.  Maybe some pearl type buttons......  I just haven't decided as of yet.

I have wanted to sew up a golden yellow cardigan since last year.  I think I will get a lot of wear out of it.  I'm thinking I can wear it with navy blue, green, black and maybe grey.

Butterick 5760 B5760 Ponte Knit Cardigan
 This ponte knit is t-shirt soft.  Almost like butter.  I'm thinking it's the perfect weight for our not so cold Florida winters!

Butterick 5760 B5760 Ponte Knit Cardigan
 I sewed the sleeve in flat, since it's a knit, it sews in so much easier.

Butterick 5760 B5760 Ponte Knit Cardigan
 The color in the last few pictures is lighter to show the stitching detail, but it is a true goldenrod color. 

I used twin needle stitching for both the bottom hem and the sleeve hem.  I lengthened the body hem by 1" to accommodate my hips and butt.

Twin needle stitching
 Next time, I may make the banding a little wider to fit a bigger button easier.

Inside banding
 I'll have to remember to serge the bottom hem before adding the front banding. 

Inside banding and bottom hem
The goldenrod ponte knit was from my stash of fabric I bought late last year.  Something used to I have room to store something new..........
$8.98 for a cardigan isn't too bad for a few hours of work and hopefully a few seasons of wear.
$8.98 Cardigan
Overall I really like this pattern and I will be making another cardigan in the future.
I wanted to make a tank top sloper.  It was a lot easier to than I thought without a pattern.  I used my regular knit armhole template and added a little ease so it want so tight.
Does this fabric look familiar?  I had a piece left over from my beachy hi-lo hem tropical dress.  I thought a tank would be perfect!
Tank top sloper-front view
I have always worried about making the bust fit on a knit pattern by curving the silhouette of the pattern.  After a few episodes of Fit-2-Stitch, I've learned bust darts are MY FRIEND!  They sure made fitting so much better!

The fabric with this tank reminds me of a swimsuit top..............  My mind must be on the beach!

I maybe  have a picture or two from the beach when I get back, maybe a sunset!

Until next time...................



  1. Bonnie this is a beautiful pattern. I made a jacket similar to this and added a hook and eye. Everything is so pretty!

    1. Great idea with the hook and eye! Thank you for the kind comments

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I can't wait for cooler weather to wear it. Maybe I'll sneak a wear to Church since it's always freezing in there!