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Thursday, July 9, 2015

McCall 6844 Cardigan-Coral Stripe Version

I finally got on the McCall 6844 Cardigan bandwagon!  I don't know why I waited so long.  This is a wonderful pattern.  Easy to sew up and easy to wear. 
McCall's 6844 M6844 Cardigan

I used the ITY knit from www.fabricmartfabrics.com that I purchased earlier this year at one of their many, many sales. Oh, I do miss fabric shopping................

 Cutting the pattern out was a little tricky with the fabric being a stripe.  I decided to have the stripes go horizontal (not always good for a plus size), letting the coral stripe be at my smallest part (my waist) hopefully makes me look slimmer.  I did have to get a little creative for the cutout of the collar piece, the side that shows matches the stripes but underneath, it's just what fabric piece was left!  I did not use interfacing on the collar pieces.

McCall's 6844 M6844 Coral Stripe Cardigan
The sleeves were extremely long! I had to cut off 5"! Other than my usual hip increase, I didn't have too much pattern alterations to make.
McCall's 6844 M6844 Coral Stripe Cardigan-Front View

McCall's 6844 M6844 Coral Stripe Cardigan-Back View

McCall's 6844 M6844 Coral Stripe Cardigan-Shoulder View
McCall's 6844 M6844 Coral Stripe Cardigan- Only $8.00!

I'm thinking that this pattern is going to be a TNT for the fall and winter months. 

I'm trying to continue to not buy anymore fabric and sew up pieces from my stash.  I'm going to see what's next in the box of favorite ITY knits............

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  1. Very pretty cardigan. That pattern is a gem and you paired it with the perfect fabric.

  2. Hi Bonnie! I have just finished reading your blog from the beginning. I really love it and have added it to my Feedly stream. Love, love, love your fabric and pattern choices. Just what I would pick for myself. This coral, navy and white horizontal jacket outfit is The Bomb! I think you are the first person to really explain how to use Steam A Seam...your instructions really helped me. Never thought about clipping on curved areas. I hope you will begin taking pictures of you wearing your outfits. It makes such a difference in seeing how a garment looks and is so helpful to us newbies. You look fine in the shots you have posted! Nobody is expecting a Vogue model shoot...lol! Thank you so much for posting. I look forward to more.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments & adding me to your favorites stream! Maybe if I get a smile going when I take pictures I can be the next Vogue model...............ha ha ha! I do love some Steam A Seam! It's my go to for knits. I'm sewing up a new dress right now and I just finished using Steam A Seam on the neck, arms and I'm thinking of using it on the hem of the skirt...... it's going to be a LOT of Steam A Seam.....I'm keeping them in business!
      Thank you again & I look forward to more exchanges with you!

  3. Bonnie - I'm just finding you because Sheila linked to you - just wanted to say that I LOVE your version of this jacket. Your use of the stripes is perfect and I'm sure it looks amazing on you! You know you wouldn't have found something this cute in RTW! Great job!

    1. I truly appreciate Sheila mentioned me. This version if the 6844 cardigan is my most favorite. Thank you again for your kind comments.