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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Red & White Stripe Nautical Knit Dress

A magazine came sometime this past month and inside I found inspiration for a nautical type dress.  Red and white stripe knit with a rope type belt.  I looked for the magazine once I found fabric to make the dress but I have no idea where I put it!  So here's my version.

I used my tried-n-true knit dress pattern with the elastic waist.  I added sleeves and hemmed the skirt to hit right below my knee.  I added elastic at the waist but used rope for the ends to that you can tie or knot the rope.

Red white stripe knit nautical dress-Rope knot front

Red white stripe knit nautical dress-Rope tie front

I tried my hand at making a neck band in place of just turning and hemming the neckline.  I measured my dress' neck circumference and made my neck band 75% of the measured length and 3" wide.  It was easy and quick.  I think it turned out great!

Red white stripe knit nautical dress-Neck band view

Red white stripe knit nautical dress-side view
 The sleeves were serged then turned and hemmed.  Pretty and easy!

Red white stripe knit nautical dress-sleeve view

Red white stripe knit nautical dress-back view
I am pleased with the outcome of this dress.  Dear Hubby said it looks like a candy cane!  So now it's a two season dress!!!!!

I purchased the New Look 6104 dress pattern and I am excited to get started on it.  It has been a while since I've sewn a woven pattern, I'm a little nervous.   The use of only 3 yards of fabric caught my eye and the shape of the dress is one of my favorites.  I'm a little hesitant about the button front, being a curvy and button up front can get interesting............

New Look 6104 Dress Pattern
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  1. Stripes are so classic......I love the red & white nautical feel to this dress. I'm sure you will wear it a lot!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I am excited about wearing this dress soon. Maybe with a pair of brown sandals and a brown bag or I do have a pair of navy blue Bobs..... So many choices!