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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Look 6104 Dress

Believe it or not, I finished this dress last Wednesday but it took me a week to sew on 10 buttons!  It's funny how life will get in the way of a small task that turns it into a week long saga of button sewing.

I was really excited about this New Look 6104 pattern because of the kimono style sleeves and the length of the skirt but since I'm super curvy the button front can be a little of a problem.  This one is not too bad but I will wear it tomorrow as my dress of the day and I'll let you know if this curvy girl can wear a button front dress.

New Look 6104 Dress Pattern
 I instructions were easy and the constructions was very simple.  I had to do my usual FBA and add to the hipline of the skirt.  I used a cotton textured fabric from my stash pile as just a muslin but it is wearable as a day dress.  It's just a little too busy for me to wear it out to the grocery store......

New Look 6104 Dress-Front View

New Look 6104 Close-up
 I'm hoping that once I wear the dress with correct undergarments that you won't be able to see the front facing pieces.  The fabric is not sheer but light.  Great for Florida summer wear.

New Look 6104 Dress
 I had changed my serger thread to black right before starting this project and I didn't want to change it AGAIN so I just used my pinking shears on the seams.

New Look 6104 Dress-Back View

New Look 6104 Dress-Inside View Construction
 I give this pattern a 4 out of 5.  It gets pluses for ease of construction and minimum pieces and the use of only 3-1/2 yards of 44" wide fabric.  I do love the neckline and the kimono sleeves and the length of the skirt. 

On the other side, I'm still not sure of the button front.

New Look 6104 Dress
I do not know what is next on the cutting table.  Dear Hubby bought me a new bed yesterday so I have to clean out the bedroom to make room for delivery on Monday.  I am also meeting up with my Mother this weekend for lunch for Mother's Day.  There just isn't enough hours in the day!

Until next time......................


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