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Friday, April 17, 2015

Color Block Princess Seam Dress

Well, Hello Again!  It's funny how life gets in the way of sewing sometimes.  It seems like when things happen in life, sewing is the first thing that gets pushed aside. 

We've had well troubles.  Our well collapsed a few weeks ago.  We started getting rocks and debris coming out of the faucets!  Messing up the dishwasher, unable to use any faucet in the house for a few days makes you really thankful we have a large pool out our back door!  We were able to hook up to an old well we had on the property but the water isn't so good.  It taste like a rusty penny!  We gave it a week or two thinking it would clear things up but no luck.  We have had to get a whole house water system just to be able to drink water from the spigot.  The good news in all of this is that I can now do laundry, drink water from the faucet and wash my hair!

Since sewing has been pushed aside for so long I thought an easy project was in order.  I forgot to mention that I tried to make a dress for Easter but it was a hot mess!  With my confidence wavering from that wadder, I decided that a tried-and-true was what my sewing mojo needed.

I made my usual princess seam dress from a ponte knit fabric but I thought that a little color block would be fun.  I really like the dress, hopefully it will get a lot of wear to church.

Color Block Ponte Knit Princess Seam Dress

Color Block Ponte Knit Princess Seam Dress-Back View

Color Block Ponte Knit Princess Seam Dress-Side View
I bought a new twin stretch needle and set up my cheapo sewing machine for it.  Believe it or not it did a WONDERFUL job!  Maybe it was the needle, or the fabric, or just a glimmer of my sewing mojo shining!

Color Block Ponte Knit Princess Seam Dress-Twin Needle Neckline

  Inside of sleeve with the twin needle.  Looks almost like a pro did it!

Color Block Ponte Knit Princess Seam Dress-Twin Needle Inside

Color Block Ponte Knit Princess Seam Dress

This dress was a steal again!  Only $11.78!  That makes me smile!

Color Block Ponte Knit Princess Seam Dress $11.78
 I've had my fabric all sorted by color and now I realize I don't like my knits with my other fabrics.  Since I have so many knit fabric pieces I thought that maybe I would resort them into knit types.  Ponte knits, jersey knits and ITY knits.  I need more storage cubes to fold these into since I've had to roll the pieces into a box.  Now I can't see all my beautiful fabric!
Knit Fabric Sort
   I'm thinking of making another Muse Natalie Dress.  My favorite pattern, have I told you?  It's an easy pattern for a quick dress in no time.

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