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Friday, April 29, 2016

McCall 7359 Top-Blue Stripe Version

Summer weather is here!  It's been in the upper 80's for most of the past two weeks and the humidity is over 80%!  I had to make a few summer tops!

I thought that the McCall 7359 loose top looked perfect.  Well..................... it was an ok top.

McCall M7359 Top
 There were a few changes right out of the package I had to make.  First off, the top is only 25" long.  That's too short for me.  I prefer a 27-30" length for tops.  To cover my belly & butt.  Then I had to add to my hips.  Of course there are no finished measurements so I had to add up myself.

Adding 4" to the length of top
Sewing up a top in a woven fabric really makes me love knits!  There is no give with a woven.  It either fits or it doesn't.

I didn't like where the seam for the top (yoke?) hits on my chest.  I also didn't care for the box pleat in the front. 

Dear daughter said the top looks like a scub top!

McCall 7359 muslin
A little more added at the side seams so the top fits over my hips too.  I have pinned up the yoke by 1" and also added a 1" dart starting at the shoulder seam and tapering to nothing at the bottom yoke.  The sleeves seem to be a little too long.

McCall 7359 Muslin
I didn't get a photo of the back but I had to do a 1" sway back adjustment.  On the pattern I just made a 1" horizontal dart at the center back above the waist line and tapered to nothing at the side seam.  That helped the back hang better on my body.

I had this crinkled cotton fabric from a mystery bundle at Fabric Mart Fabrics that I thought looked like a nice cool summer top.

McCall 7359 Top
I'm not a big fan of how low the back yoke ends.  But I guess that's a design issue not a fit issue.

McCall 7359 Back View
I made my shoulder gathers the full length of the shoulder seams minus the seam allowances.  This also brought up the sleeve hem, keeping it from looking so droopy on me. 

McCall 7359 Shoulder View
I maybe should have made both sides of the facing piece the same......I just realized that one has a large blue stripe and the left side has a white stripe!  Oops!

McCall 7359 Top view
I like the gathers at the front in place of the box pleats.  But the top does remind me a little of a maternity shirt......

McCall 7359 Top
I think that for about $1.50 for a top isn't too bad.  Maybe I'll like it better the more I wear it.

Fabric Mart Fabrics has got to STOP having such good deals on knit fabrics.  They are killing my budget!

Just a little peek at some sleeping baby chicks in my laundry room.  They don't have a care in the world!

Baby Chicks

Until next time.................


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  1. This pattern is a keeper! I forgot to mention the chicks. They are adorable. There are some for sale on the street behind me. I'm tempted, but have to pass on it.