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Friday, April 22, 2016

Magenta/Black Animal Print Ponte Knit Dress

When Girl M wants another dress, I do my best to surprise her.  After watching another episode of Sewing with Nancy. Knock out Knit Tops Part 2.  I had the idea to copy her version of the t-shirt dress and add an angle piece at the waist for more interest.

I copied my T-shirt dress pattern, drew a wedge that was 4" wide on the right and 10" on the left, cut my pattern apart, then added seam allowances.

She asked for a square neckline this time.  I cut out the top piece twice, sewed right sides together, turned and treated it as one piece.  Not only did it line the top it acted like the facing too.

Magenta/Black Animal Print Ponte Knit Dress

Ponte Knit Dress
 I used a piece of scrap ponte knit for the wedge.  The rest of the dress only took 1 yard of fabric.  (Advantages of being small!)  The total amount for this dress was only $5.00.  She'll never know!

Magenta/Black Animal Print Ponte Knit Dress
The dress could have been a little bit longer.  But Girl M is in love with this dress!

Another hit, I'm on a roll!

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