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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Simplicity 1098 Fleece Wrap

I'm still working on sewing outside my usual TNT patterns.  After seeing a few reviews on patternreviews.com I thought this would be an easy sew.

Simplicity 1098 Wrap
 The pattern calls for fleece and I had this beautiful burgundy fleece in my stash.  I think that this will be a nice cover up if winter ever gets here! 

Simplicity 1098 Fleece Wrap
Sorry for the bra on my dress form, I took the photos quick and wasn't really thinking.

Simplicity 1098 Fleece Wrap
 My wrap wraps opposite of the pattern picture but hey, I'm a lefty so it works for me!

Simplicity 1098 Fleece Wrap
I did lengthen the shoulder darts about 1-1/2" since I'm not a size 10!  Maybe next time I will make this from a ponte knit and lengthen one side so that it fits over the "girls". 

I am planning on working on a basic skirt pattern.  Something with darts rather than elastic at the waist.

Oh, by the way, this "New Year" deep cleaning has begun and I've cleaned the master bathroom and now I'm resting with my feet up, heat on my back and a bit a pain meds!  Some things just shouldn't happen...........But I'm going to continue on and work on the Master bedroom next.  It's a pretty easy clean.  Wash the curtains, dust the walls, vacuum and I'm done with this one. 

Until next time....................


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  1. Hello. Thanks for your post. I am having a very hard time with the darts for the shoulders. Can you give me some tips. thank you