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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Flutter Sleeve Top A Wearable Easter Egg Muslin

My wanting this flutter sleeve top got me digging through my stash of patterns.  After a day full of looking at patterns I couldn't find one I thought looked like the style of the top pictured in the magazine.  Taking a closer look at the top I realized it was just a tank top pattern with flutter sleeves added.

I then remember my Easter dress from 2013 The Butterick 5030 dress had flutter sleeves!  I just matched that sleeve pattern to my tank pattern and I think it came out pretty good. 

Inspiration Version-Polka Dot Flutter Sleeve Top
I had a yard of this purple knit fabric.  It has a strange texture, like kid's pajama fabric. Felty feeling.  But it was perfect for a muslin.

The print reminds me of a decorated Easter egg................

Flutter Sleeve Top-Wearable Muslin
I rocked this neckline!  How come when you don't care, it comes out perfect?  I just made a usual neck band then serged it to the neck and topstitched.


Flutter sleeve

Flutter sleeve

Flutter sleeve
The back isn't lined up perfect but it's behind me so who cares. 

Back view
I have matched this top up with both my purple McCall 7254 Cardigan and also my Butterick 5760 .  I am thinking that I will wear this top often.  Even if I look like an Easter Egg!
McCall 7254

Butterick 5760 Cardigan
Now I'm just looing for a polka dot print in an ITY knit.  I'll keep my eyes out!
All good new with Son's cardiologist appointment! All test came back negative and nothing to be concerned about.  God is GREAT! 
Until next time.....................


  1. You did do a real nice work on the neckline!

    1. So good to hear from you, thank you for the kind comment!

  2. God is great.. and i am so happy all is good with your son..
    Love the top... Your muslin turned out great .. Looks good with the cardigan.
    I want one now.ha