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Saturday, October 25, 2014

A new sofa must have new pillows!

I have been in search of a "new to me" sofa for over 6 months.  I love CRAIGSLIST!  This sofa came up from a local resale shop and then the next day it was off the site.  I was so SAD!  Then about 2 months later it was back on Craigslist again!  I must have meant to be.  This time I called the store and was informed that a lady just bought it and would be back within the hour with the money.  Needless to say she never came back & I ran over and bought the sofa, loveseat and recliner.  The sofa is an Ashley sofa & loveseat and the sofa has a pull out bed!  I can now have company stay over!

A New sofa needs New Pillows!  So off I was online to Fabric.com.  I finally found something that I liked.  Remember I have three kids & 2-1/2 dogs.  (one dog is not ours, but comes over a LOT).  He's like family! So the fabric had to be not only durable but that will hide dirt.

I made a total of 9 pillows, Three print, three orange and three tan.  I had enough of the print that I also made a runner for the entertainment stand/dresser from a pinterest idea.  All the pillows have invisible zippers so that I can take them off and wash them!  Believe it or not it was a thousand times easier to put in a zipper while they were flat then trying to sew up a seam after you have the pillow inside!

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