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Friday, March 1, 2013

Sewing Area Re-arranged

I just recently got a little cleaning bug and re-arranged my sewing area.  I had hoped to make more room to sew but sometimes things don't work out like that.  I have very happy about my new arrangement.  I am able to get in and out of the sewing machine much easier.  I only have about a 6 foot by 5 foot area.  Talk about small!

Sewing area room sewplus.blogspot.com
 Old view of sewing area.  I had to squeeze between the table and the ironing board.
I felt the doors open wasted alot of space I could be using. The three drawer plastic thing on the left was a catch all from the kitchen. (pens, papers, pictures).  I added a smaller one on top so the kids couldn't put stuff on it!

Pattern storage dresser sewplus.blogspot.com
 Nothing has changed here.  I still keep all my patterns in this dresser.  I did go through them and clean them up and weed out the ones I didn't plan on making ever! I have the patterns organized: top drawer- Dresses (me), second drawer-Tops (me), third drawer-Outfits (me), fourth drawer-Anything for Girl M, Bottom drawer-Coats/Jackets, Sleepwear/Under garments, and Pants/Shorts Patterns for (me).  I further organized each drawer by maker and pattern number.  Sometimes I'm just nerdy like that!

My junk area.  No matter how much I cleaned at it, it was a catch all. It's now gone!  I have a small computer desk there now and I get to work from home!

New sewing area re-arranged sewplus.blogspot.com
New re-arranged work area

I removed the door off the cabinet.  I used a tension rod on the left to hold my paper patterns. I sorted all my spools of threads in the rubbermaid container on the left.  I like having all my thread where I can reach it easily.
I moved the sewing table to the right.  I had a 5' folding table and I put a piece of plywood on top to make it a little sturdier.  I also made a hanging lamp so I could use my Ott-light bulb.

New sewing area re-arranged sewplus.blogspot.com iron serger

I put a cork board up to tack up my pattern directions.  I use one end of the table for ironing.  Since this table is a little wider, having the sewing machine back to back with the serger is not so tight.

I covered the table with a piece of black fabric so that it looked a little more uniformed.

Boy T is 19 and was just hired on with the State.  I really could use his room for a sewing/craft room but he tells me he's NOT moving out.  He says he has it made here!  I don't want him to go but I sure could use my own space!

I have some exciting items I want to sew this month.

1.  A pink scoop neck/a-line dress
2. a kimono over-top in a green fabric with pink embroidery
3.  summer tops
4. curtains for Girl M's windows
5. Another dress
6.  Girl M some summer tops
7.  Maybe try a pair of capri or shorts for me.....

Until next time.....


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